Best Planters for Bougainvillea – Top 10 Lovely Options

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Best Planters for Bougainvillea

Need a little pick-me-up? There’s nothing quite as cheerful as a bright and colorful plant gracing your home.

And few are as beautiful as the lovely bougainvillea. This stunning plant comes in a range of vibrant colors, including orange, pink, purple, yellow, and white.

So if you require a dash of color to brighten your day, bougainvillea is an excellent choice. You can even keep it indoors if you have a planter.

As an illustration, we’ll show you a few of the best planters for bougainvillea. That way, you can enjoy the vibrancy of this plant right at home.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel A+
Bloem Ariana Planter with Self-Watering Grid A
Novelty Classic Urn Planter A
Furinno Tioman Hardwood Planter Box A+
Sonora Resin Wicker Planter A+

Best Planters for Bougainvillea

Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

Classic Home and Garden 72 Whiskey Barrel, 15

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Chances are, you’ve seen someone using a half-barrel as a planter before. It’s a classic look.

Using half of an actual barrel can be expensive and heavy, though. It gets even worse when you fill it with soil and plants – suddenly, transporting it can be a real pain.

That’s what makes this Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel so great. It looks just like half a barrel, but it’s easy to lift because it’s made from resin.

There are drainage holes at the bottom, as well. It means your bougainvillea’s soil won’t get too wet because extra water will run out the holes.

Even more, this planter is offered in two color combinations. One is a warmer-looking distressed oak, and the other is a cooler Kentucky walnut.

It’s always nice to have choices. This lets you concoct the perfect aesthetic for your tastes.


  • Available in a few different shapes and sizes.
  • Two-color combinations.
  • It mimics the look of an actual barrel.
  • Lightweight for easy lifting.
  • Drainage holes at the bottom to protect your plants from root rot


  • It does not include a dish to put underneath the drainage holes.

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Bloem Ariana Planter with Self-Watering Grid

Bloem 20-56120 Fiskars 20 Inch Ariana Planter with Self-Watering Grid, Color Clay, 20", Terra Cotta

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Maybe you’re searching for a planter that’s as colorful as your bougainvillea. In that case, meet the Bloem Ariana Planter.

Not only is it available in a few sizes, but you can get an amazing range of colors. No matter what color scheme you’re trying to follow with your bougainvillea, you’re likely to find one of these Bloem planters that fit with it.

Even better, they’re incredibly durable. Their matte finish won’t get covered in scratches, fingerprints, or even dirt.

The plastic they’re made from also means they’ll last a long time. Their bright colors are resistant to fading caused by sunlight and extreme weather conditions.


  • Tons of colors to choose from
  • High level of longevity.
  • It has a self-watering feature.
  • You can get it in a few different sizes.
  • Easy to lift.


  • It doesn’t come with drainage holes in it – you would have to drill them in.
  • Some customers stated that the colors look different from the photos.

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Novelty Classic Urn Planter

Novelty 38198.03 Classic Urn Planter, Black, 19 Inch

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There’s no doubt about it: urn planters are refined. Something about them just looks museum-worthy.

And you can have this same timeless appeal at home with the Novelty Classic Urn Planter. You’ll be able to combine a fun splash of color with an ancient aesthetic.

Each urn is made from recyclable plastic. In addition, it’s light enough to lift, despite looking heavier.

Because of their material, they’re durable, too. You can anticipate these planters lasting you for years.


  • Light enough to lift comfortably.
  • It comes in three colors and two sizes
  • Long-lasting.
  • Timeless look.


  • They don’t come with drainage holes – you have to add them.
  • A little assembly is required.

Furinno Tioman Hardwood Planter Box

FURINNO FG16011 Tioman Hardwood Flower Box, 1-Pack, Natural

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We just had to add the Furinno Tioman Hardwood Planter Box to the list. The optional bench connecting these two planter boxes is a unique idea.

We can just picture a trellis of beautiful bougainvillea arcing up over the bench. It would be the perfect place to sit and relax after a hard day.

Aside from imagining what it would be like to sit there, these planters are made from meranti wood that has been treated. That translates to increased durability, as well as the ability to resist water.


  • The planters include a bench so you can sit between them.
  • It is made from wood that’s durable and resistant to water.
  • The bench can support up to 350 lbs.
  • Assembly is easy.


  • There are no panels on the bottoms of the planter boxes, so you will need to add something to the bottom to hold your bougainvillea.
  • Some assembly is required.

Sonora Resin Wicker Planter

Suncast 22" Sonora Resin Wicker Planter Contemporary Lightweight Flower Pot for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Home, Yard, or Garden, Set of 2, Java

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This Sonora Resin Wicker Planter, like its name, resembles a woven wicker basket with none of the creakiness involved. It’s incredibly large, as well, allowing it to house your bougainvillea comfortably.

The resin material it’s made from gives it toughness. This is a planter that can withstand the strain of UV light for a long time, so its beautiful dark color won’t fade.

As a bonus, you’ll get two or four of these planters in a set, depending on which pack you choose. That makes it possible for you to coordinate the design in your space.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Resistant to fading.
  • Available in packs of two or four planters.
  • Long-lasting.


  • You will have to drill the bottom to add a drainage hole.
  • Some customers felt these planters were larger than they expected.

Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter Box with Trellis

Older bougainvillea plants can get pretty long at the top. Because of that, many people use trellises or supports to hold up the blooms.

Fortunately, rather than having to purchase support separately, you’ll get one built right into this Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin planter. As your bougainvillea ages, you’ll be able to provide its support with the trellis.

It’s another nice gift to you that the box is self-watering. It’s ideal if you’re the kind of person who forgets to water their plants or if you need to go on a trip.


  • Three different colors.
  • It has a built-in trellis to support your bougainvillea.
  • Self-watering.
  • Has drainage holes to prevent root rot.
  • Resists weather conditions


  • Requires some assembly

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Resin Planter Box

If you’re going to grow a long wall of bougainvillea, you’ll require a planter that spreads out like the Resin Planter Box. Its long shape will let you grow a stretch of bougainvillea instead of concentrating it in one small location.

It would look absolutely stunning on a deck, balcony, or patio. You won’t need to worry about it being flimsy, either, because its walls are thick enough to prevent bending and warping.

Root rot isn’t much of a problem for this planter. Located on the bottom, you’ll find a drainage hole that you can plug after draining.


  • Perfect for growing a strip of bougainvillea on a deck or balcony.
  • They are offered in three colors.
  • Drainage holes are built into the bottom, and it comes with a plug for them.
  • Won’t bend as you add plants.
  • Cleaning it is simple – just wipe it with a damp cloth.


  • Contrary to the pictures, it does not come with legs.
  • Because of its shallow height, it may not be able to accommodate older bougainvillea.

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Dekland Resin Pot Planter

If you want a classic look like that of an urn but in a smaller package, the Dekland Resin Pot Planter is just the ticket for you. The way it’s colored makes it look similar to terracotta or concrete pots without being made from those heavy materials.

It’s actually made from plastic resin. This means it’s resistant to UV light, weather, fading and cracking.

You can get it in three colors: weathered concrete, weathered terracotta, and rust. Each one looks antiquated without actually being old.

Several sizes are available, too. It won’t be difficult to find one for your bougainvillea, whether it’s young or old.

You won’t need to add drainage holes yourself, either. It comes with a drainage hole already included on the bottom, saving you a little time.


  • They are offered in three colors and several sizes.
  • Vintage distressed look.
  • Includes drainage holes
  • Resistant to UV light, weather, and fading.
  • It is made from recyclable plastic.
  • Lightweight for painless lifting.


  • It does not include any kind of saucer to put under the drainage holes.

Flower Resin Pot Planter

The Flower Resin Pot Planter would be an excellent accent to a red or white bougainvillea. Its vivid red color with a darker red drip pattern would look stunning underneath one.

This planter has a lot of utility, too. They’re composed of plastic, so they’re not a struggle to carry even at their largest size.

Especially durable, you’re able to display this planter either indoors or outdoors at your leisure.


  • Luxurious red color.
  • They are painted to look like an expensive ceramic planter while still being light plastic.
  • Tough.
  • It can be used outside or inside.
  • Has a drainage hole


  • It does not include a tray for drainage

Cowie Wavy MgO Fiberclay Planter

There’s nothing quite like the muted elegance of a white ceramic planter. You’d think it would be boring, but that’s impossible with a plant as vivacious as a bougainvillea.

That’s why this Cowie planter would look fantastic under your bougainvillea. Sure, it’s just plain white, but the wavy pattern rippling delicately over its surface is intriguing.

Furthermore, its bright white color accentuates the brightness of your plant. In other words, your bougainvillea will look even more vibrant in comparison.


  • Elegant design.
  • It is made from heavy and sturdy ceramic.
  • Has a drainage hole
  • Resistant to weather conditions and rust.
  • It comes in two sizes.
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • No plug or drainage tray to catch leaking water

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What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Bougainvillea


As far as the size of a prospective planter goes, you’ll need to factor in the size of your bougainvillea. For instance, if you’re going to use a tall and wide one shaped like a wall, you need an extra-large planter.

Otherwise, generally, bougainvillea does well in containers that are a bit snugger for its roots. Considering that bougainvillea can get pretty large, this can still be a big planter size.

But if your bougainvillea is small and young, you’d likely be just fine in a more petite container, too.

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Bougainvillea plants like to be warm. Given that its area of origin is South America, that makes sense.

Some planter materials are better at fostering a warm atmosphere than others. For instance, plastic and resin hold heat very well.

As an added benefit, they’re pretty easy to lift, so you can move them around comfortably.

Ceramic can also hold onto heat for a while. It is heavier than plastic, but that also lends ceramic planters an increased measure of stability – they’re not as likely to tip over.


Drainage is important for most plants. Bougainvillea plants are no exception to this.

You want to avoid overwatering them because their soil will get soggy. That leads to root rot and fungus, conditions that destroy your beautiful plant.

That’s the reason why so many planters have drainage holes on the bottom. Rather than sit in the soil and turn it to mush, water can then drip out the drainage hole.

You should consider a planter with a drainage hole, if possible. Should you choose one without a hole, you can look into drilling one into the bottom.

You can also add things like pumice or gravel to the bottom to aid with draining in bigger planters as an extra precaution.

Wrap Up

Bougainvillea is such an exquisite plant it’s hard to choose a planter that’s perfect. And just as it was difficult to decide which ones to include, it’s equally difficult to narrow down our list to our favorite.

We love the quality of the Cowie planter. The wavy design is just stunning, and we think it would contrast well with the colors of bougainvillea.

But we also like the innovativeness of the Furinno Tioman Hardwood Planter and the Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter Box.

With some supports arching over it to hold the bougainvillea, the Furinno planter would make the ultimate place to relax. On the other hand, the Lesia planter box has a built-in trellis to support a large bougainvillea from the get-go.

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