Best Planters for Elephant Ears – 6 Options for Healthy Elephant Ears

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Best Planters for Elephant Ears

Are you wondering which planters would work best for your elephant ears? Wonder no longer, because we’ve done some searching for you.

In this guide, we’ve created a list of the best planters for elephant ears. For each option, we’ll tell you why it deserves a place on this list, as well as some potential drawbacks.

Let’s jump right into it.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Sonora Resin Wicker Planter A+
Novelty Classic Urn Planter A
Estelle Pot Planter A
Classico Self-Watering Plastic Planter A+

Best Planters for Elephant Ears

Sonora Resin Wicker Planter

Suncast 22

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Who doesn’t like getting some extra when they purchase something?  That’s what you’ll get when you choose the Sonora Resin Wicker Planter, which has two planters in it instead of one.

Considering that this planter is beautifully made to imitate wicker, we like that this set includes a pair. You’ll be able to match planters that way.

The resin that these planters are made from is fantastic at retaining moisture. That’s especially great for elephant ears, which like to drink up a lot of water.

One thing that’s important to know about these planters, however, is that they do not have an open drainage hole in the bottom. You would need to drill your own in to prevent your plant from becoming too wet.


  • Comes with two planters.
  • Mimics the look of woven wicker.
  • Lightweight so it’s not hard to lift.
  • Large capacity.
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors.


  • You must drill in the drainage holes yourself.
  • No saucer to put under the drainage holes once you’ve made them.

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Novelty Classic Urn Planter

Novelty 38198.03 Classic Urn Planter, Black, 19 Inch

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Urns almost always appear timeless. If you’re looking for a way to cultivate the atmosphere of an antiquated garden at home, they’re perfect.

But due to their oftentimes large size, if you get an urn planter made in ceramic or stone, it will be hard to move. That’s not the case with the Novelty Classic Urn Planter.

At a glance, it looks like an urn planter with lines carved in the sides to give it some dimension. But because it’s crafted from plastic, it’s still easy to lift up.

If you’re keeping your elephant ears outside for warm months, but need to move it indoors for the winter, you won’t break a sweat doing so with this planter.


  • Timeless urn shape.
  • Comes in three colors and a couple sizes.
  • Recyclable.
  • Easy to lift.


  • You need to punch out the drainage holes.

Estelle Pot Planter

Estelle Plastic Pot Planter


The Estelle Pot Planter is one we recommend frequently when it comes to larger plants like elephant ears. One of the reasons for that is that we like how it looks like a timeless ceramic planter, despite being made from long-lasting plastic.

If you’ve thought that a plastic planter can’t look as good as ceramic, this one is proof that’s not necessarily true.

Of course, we also think it’s great because it comes in a range of sizes, many of which are large enough for elephant ears. Your plant will have more than enough breathing room in this planter.

It’s tough enough to use indoors or outdoors, as well. The material is resistant to rusting and various weather conditions.


  • Comes in a couple colors and a few sizes.
  • Has drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Resistant to rot, rust, and weather.
  • Easy to lift and transport.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Doesn’t come with a saucer to put under the drainage holes.
  • Some customers reported that it was larger or smaller than they expected.

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Classico Self-Watering Plastic Planter

Classico Self Watering Plastic Planter


Are you the kind of person who’s so busy, you don’t always have time to water your plants? Or do you travel so frequently, you’d need to find someone to care for them?

Meet the Classico Self-Watering Plastic Planter. As its name implies, it’s self-watering, so you can add water occasionally to its reservoir and then let the planter handle the rest.

You might be wondering how it works. In short, there are actually two parts to this planter.

One is an inner shell that holds your plant and soil, and has legs at the bottom. These legs reach into the bottom of the planter, where your water sits.

As your plant gets thirsty, it can absorb the water it needs. No effort needed on your part.


  • Self-watering with a water level indicator to tell you when you need to add more water.
  • Has drainage holes with a plug, so you can let out any excess water when necessary.
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy to clean up.


  • Comes in a few different sizes.

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Flower Resin Pot Planter

This vibrant Flower Resin Pot Planter could brighten up even the darkest spaces. Its stunning color could pop out of anywhere, which makes it perfect for lovers of bold decorating choices.

Made from durable plastic, you can safely use this one outside or inside. Anticipate a long lifespan from it regardless of what conditions you keep it in.

Perhaps best of all, you won’t need to drill a drainage hole in the bottom. Because it doesn’t come with a tray, though, you may want to put something under it to catch water runoff if you’re using it inside.


  • Brilliant color and drip pattern looks like real ceramic.
  • Has a drainage hole.
  • Sturdy.
  • Can be used inside and outside.
  • Easy to lift.


  • It doesn’t include a tray to put under its drainage hole.

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What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Elephant Ears


One of the first things that you should factor in for your planter is how large it is, and that depends entirely on how the plant within it grows.

Looking at elephant ears, keep in mind that they grow pretty large. From the get-go, you can plant them in containers as big as three feet in diameter.

However, you can start smaller if you don’t have such a big planter on hand. We recommend starting with a planter that’s at least a foot and a half in diameter.

Every one or two years, you should move your elephant ears to a planter a minimum of two inches larger. This will accommodate the growth of your elephant ears.

You can limit this growth by choosing to keep it in smaller containers, though, if you’re concerned about it get too big for your space.

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Native to tropical habitats, elephant ears love water. These are thirsty plants that will quickly drain whatever container you put it in.

For that reason, considering what your planter is made from is crucial. Some materials will actually absorb water because they’re porous, and with both your plant and planter drinking the available water, things can get too dry too fast.

We recommend using plastic. It’s naturally non-porous so you can expect it to hold water better for a longer time.

If you don’t like the look of plastic, though, and would prefer a material like ceramic or terracotta, look for planters that are completely glazed. The glaze prevents the porous ceramic from wicking away moisture.

Drainage Holes

Elephant ears love water, but they don’t love being drowned in it. Since they’re such a thirsty plant, you’ll need to be careful to give them enough without overwatering them.

One thing that can help you in this regard is ensuring that your planter has drainage holes in the bottom. With drainage holes, any water your plant doesn’t need can run out the bottom of the planter rather than sitting in place.

In the end, this will reduce your chances of your elephant ears suffering from root rot.

Wrap Up

If we had to pick a favorite from this list, we’d go with the Classico Self-Watering Plastic Planter. It comes in fairly generous sizes, and we love the self-watering function.

And unlike many other self-watering planters, you don’t have to play any guessing games with this one. It has a gauge that pokes up the top to show you when you need more water.

You may need move aside the leaves of the elephant ears to check the gauge, though. But we definitely love having it there, nonetheless.

Like the look of green and leafy plants? Consider growing English ivy in a planter for an extra dash of greenery.