Best Container For Brown Sugar – Top 5 Options

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Are you tired of buying brown sugar only to have it get hard and unusable once you store it? If so, then you probably don’t have the best container for brown sugar storage.

best container for brown sugar

There are several ways to store brown sugar to keep it soft and fresh so it’s ready to use when you need it.  This list will cover some of the best containers so you don’t have to worry about throwing away any more sugar.

Quick Summary

ImageProductWhere to Buy
Progressive International Progressive Brown Sugar Container, Clear bread storage, 1 PieceProgressive Brown Sugar Storage Container

  • Terra cotta disk
  • Stainless steel hinge
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    Rubbermaid Container, BPA-Free Plastic, Brilliance Pantry Airtight Food Storage, Open Stock, Brown Sugar (7.8 Cup)Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Storage Container

  • Interchangeable lids
  • Optimal space saving
  • View on Amazon
    OXO 1071401 0.9 quart Square Pop Container, 9 QtOXO Good Grips POP Container

  • Silicone seal, dishwasher-friendly
  • POP button
  • View on Amazon
    Extra Large Tall Food Storage Containers 175oz, For Flour & Sugar - Airtight Kitchen & Pantry Organization Bulk Food Storage, BPA-Free - 2 PC Set - Canisters with Scoops, Pen & Labels - Chef’s PathExtra Large Tall Food Storage Container for Baking Supplies

  • Lids are easy to close and open
  • Wide mouth
  • View on Amazon
    4 Large Airtight Food Storage Containers for Flour, Sugar 142 ounces - Kitchen Pantry Plastic Containers - Air Tight Canisters Set With Locking Lids - 8 Labels, Marker and 4 Measuring Cups by GoodCupsAirtight Food Storage Containers for Kitchen Pantry

  • Rubber gasket for an airtight seal
  • 4 measuring cups
  • View on Amazon

    Best Brown Sugar Containers 

    Progressive Brown Sugar Storage Container

    Progressive International Progressive Brown Sugar Container, Clear bread storage, 1 Piece

    This container is perfect if you plan to buy a large bag of brown sugar because it can easily hold up to 2 pounds and still have room to spare.  That way you won’t have to split the remaining sugar up into two containers which will take up valuable space in your pantry.

    The sides of the container have measurement markings so you can tell at a glance how much sugar is left so you know when it’s time to buy more. When it comes to keeping brown sugar fresh, the key is an airtight seal.

    Progressive’s container features a silicone seal and a lid which creates airtight storage. It also features a terra cotta disk in the lid which, once it becomes wet, will keep the sugar soft for a long time so it’s easy to scoop out.


    • Features a terra cotta disk to keep sugar nice and soft. No more chipping at hardened sugar and making a mess.
    • The air-tight lid is on a stainless steel hinge for a good seal and easy opening and closing. You also don’t have to worry about misplacing the lid.
    • It’s easy to stack if you want to purchase two and store even more brown sugar.
    • The top is wide enough to easily fit a 1-cup measuring cup in so you can scoop sugar directly out of the container.
    • Product is BPA free and dishwasher safe so you won’t have to clutter up the sink when it comes time to clean it.


    • It comes with a sticker that some customers found difficult to remove.

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    Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Storage Container

    Rubbermaid Container, BPA-Free Plastic, Brilliance Pantry Airtight Food Storage, Open Stock, Brown Sugar (7.8 Cup)

    The Rubbermaid company is known for high-quality storage containers and this clear plastic one for brown sugar is no exception. It can hold 7.8 cups so it’s the perfect size to store leftover brown sugar if you purchase a smaller bag.

    Should you decide to store anything else inside the container, it will hold up and won’t get stained or absorb odors. That way you can use it again for brown sugar even if you previously put something else like leftovers inside. Just make sure to give it a thorough washing and dry it completely before adding the sugar.

    The best part is how strong the seal is because an airtight container is key to preserving brown sugar. You can easily add in your own terra cotta disk or try using marshmallows and bread to maintain softness so the sugar is easily scooped out and doesn’t clump together.

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    • The lids are interchangeable among the different sizes of containers so, if you already own smaller ones, you can easily put the lids on without having to hunt for the perfect size.
    • Helps to keep cabinets organized to make the most of storage space. If you have multiple containers you can make the most of vertical space because they are stackable.
    • The plastic is sturdy and holds up well for multiple uses. It’s not made from flexible, cheap plastic that will bend and warp.
    • Both the container and the lid are transparent, allowing you to see what is inside even if something is stacked on top or the sides are obscured by other items.
    • Rubbermaid guarantees that it is 100% airtight and will not leak. The lid features an innovative latch to stop spills and prevent food from spoiling.


    • It doesn’t include a sugar saver so you would need to purchase one to add inside to keep the sugar soft.
    • Some customers thought this container was a little on the pricier side, but everyone stated the quality was good and you get what you pay for.

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    OXO Good Grips POP Container

    OXO 1071401 0.9 quart Square Pop Container, 9 Qt

    This container from OXO features their unique push-button that will create an instant air-tight seal.  You can easily create a seal without struggling to get the lid on tightly or make sure it is closed on all sides.  No need to worry about air getting trapped in and hardening the sugar either.

    The button on top also doubles as a handle to easily lift the lid off when it’s time to bake or add a little brown sugar to your morning oatmeal.  Rounded corners make it easy to pour sugar into your favorite measuring cup 

    Each container is designed to be stacked, making it space efficient and keeping even the smallest spaces tidy and organized.  The 0.9-quart size will hold the standard 1-pound bag of brown sugar that most people purchase for everyday use.


    • The silicone seal is dishwasher safe and the lid comes apart so it can be easily washed.
    • The POP button allows you to use just one hand to open and close the container, ideal for bakers whose hands may be messy or busy with other tasks.
    • Not only is the container useful, but it’s also designed beautifully. Your pantry will be beautiful and well-organized, making it look like it belongs in a magazine.
    • If you decide to purchase different sizes for other things, the containers are all the same height so you’ll get a uniform look to make your kitchen seem less cluttered.
    • This company knows about storage and the importance of having your dry food staples securely so each container is made with that in mind.


    • The bottom portion of the container is not dishwasher safe so it must be hand-washed instead.
    • A few customers found that the white plastic top could get discolored over time and start to turn yellow.
    • It doesn’t contain a disk to keep the sugar moist. Instead, you can add your own or try using a different method to prevent sugar from drying out.

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    Extra Large Tall Food Storage Container for Baking Supplies

    Extra Large Tall Food Storage Containers 175oz, For Flour & Sugar - Airtight Kitchen & Pantry Organization Bulk Food Storage, BPA-Free - 2 PC Set - Canisters with Scoops, Pen & Labels - Chef’s Path

    This tall container by Chef’s Path is ideal for getting your pantry organized and storing large quantities of dry goods for baking.  They will contain 175 ounces and should hold more than 5 pounds of brown sugar. They are perfect for holiday baking that requires a huge supply of ingredients for all those cake and cookies.

    In addition to the containers, you will also get 4 measuring cups and 8 reusable chalkboard labels so you can get creative and mark what’s inside each bin.  You’ll also get a chalkboard marker to practice your calligraphy and make fancy labels to make your kitchen beautiful.

    The special lid-lock mechanism creates a tight seal so no water or air can get inside and spoil your sugar.  It’s such a good lid that no bugs will be able to make their way through so you can feel confident that your sugar will be good for a long time.


    • They are made from solid, high-quality plastic that is BPA free and long-lasting. Even after many uses and multiple washes they don’t show signs of wear.
    • With a good construction, the lids are easy to open and close without compromising the strong seal.  It’s even easy for those with arthritic hands so you can independently access the contents.
    • A wide mouth makes it easy to scoop out with a variety of measuring cup sizes or even a large spoon.
    • Comes with measuring cups and labels for easy marking. You can always use more measuring cups if you’re a baker!


    1. One of the concerns some people had was that the containers weren’t large enough to hold up to 10 pounds.  So if you need an even larger container, look for something bigger than this one.

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    Airtight Food Storage Containers for Kitchen Pantry

    4 Large Airtight Food Storage Containers for Flour, Sugar 142 ounces - Kitchen Pantry Plastic Containers - Air Tight Canisters Set With Locking Lids - 8 Labels, Marker and 4 Measuring Cups by GoodCups

    These GoodCups large containers will securely hold all your pantry staples without letting them spoil.  Each one contains 142 ounces or 18 cups and should hold up to 5.5 pounds of dry ingredients such as brown sugar or flour.  You can even use them for storing dried beans, cereal, rice or pasta.

    Each durable container has an ergonomic cubic shape for simple storage and organizations. They are made from transparent, BPA free plastic to easily see and locate food. The durable lids mean stacking isn’t a problem even if the container on top is full or heavy.

    You’ll also receive free labels to create a neat, organized pantry where each container identifies the ingredients inside.  The container is large enough to avoid spills so bags of sugar can be opened right inside without making a mess.


    • The rubber gasket on the lid creates an airtight seal and closes firmly to keep sugar fresh for a longer time.
    • The entire container is dishwasher safe and, if you need to heat something in it, it’s also microwaveable.
    • You’ll also receive 4 measuring cups that can be left inside the container for instant scooping as soon as you open it up.  You won’t have to search for a scoop or cup when you go to open it because it’ll always be inside.


    • The lids work best when the container is full.  If you plan to only fill them partially, it may be difficult to fit the lid on.
    • Some customers reported that the stickers didn’t stay on very well and started to peel off over time.

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    What to Consider in a Brown Sugar Container


    Most people purchase brown sugar in a two-pound bag that is a pretty standard size at most grocery stores.  If you only use sugar occasionally, you won’t need much more than two pounds and this amount will last you for a long time.

    Of course, not every container will hold the remaining sugar once you’ve used up a little bit. So you should look for a container that is large enough to comfortably fit the rest without using up multiple jars.

    If you’re someone who loves to bake, you may end up buying several bags of sugar or getting it in bulk amounts of five or ten pounds.  Serious bakers may buy more, especially around the holidays when they are making more than usual.

    In that case, an extra large bin will be required to store it all.  Even if you go through it in a few weeks, you’ll need a big enough container to keep it fresh for that entire time so you don’t have to run out and purchase more during one of the busiest times of the year.

    Airtight Seal

    If you’ve stored brown sugar before, you’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of having it get hard or clump together.  It seems impossible to break up and make it smooth again once this happens.

    The secret to keeping brown sugar fresh and soft is the air tight seal.  Any container that you put brown sugar in for more than a few days should have a lid that latches securely and is absolutely airtight to prevent it from drying out.

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    For large quantities of sugar, you want a durable enough container that won’t expand over time under the weight of all that sweetness.  When it comes time to bake, your hands may be slippery so it shouldn’t break if dropped or tipped over.

    If you’re like most people, you may have a bag of sugar last for several months, maybe even up to a year.  So the container it’s in should be made of high-quality materials that won’t get stained or start to break down over time.  It should remain fresh and clean so the sugar inside won’t get corrupted and be spoiled by the time you’re ready to use it again.

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    Seal in Moisture

    In addition to keeping the air out, brown sugar also has to retain some moisture to make sure it stays soft.  The best containers which are designed specifically for brown sugar know about this and have features to accommodate this need.

    A terra cotta disk is one of the most commonly used items to maintain the freshness and some will have one built in or included with the container. If they don’t, you can purchase one from a baking supply store. Other methods include adding in marshmallows or a slice of bread, although those may not be long-term solutions.

    Large Opening

    There’s nothing more annoying than opening a container, reaching in with your measuring cup, and finding that the cup won’t fit into the opening. Or, you’re able to wiggle it in, but then once it’s full of sugar, you can’t get it back out again without making a mess.

    Any container should have a large enough opening that you can easily fit in a measuring cup and effortlessly scoop out the required amount.  You could also be able to fit in measuring spoons which require more room for your hand.

    When you first buy the sugar, you also want to easily be able to open it over the container and pour it right in.  So there should be enough space to tip the bag out and get the sugar in without making a mess.


    A standard two-pound bag of brown sugar isn’t that expensive. So you don’t want to invest too much money into a storage container to keep something that isn’t a high-priced item.  The cost of the sugar versus the price of the storage should be in balance.

    Still, you don’t want to waste sugar by throwing it away just weeks after you’ve bought it.  It takes time to go to the grocery store for more and you may need that sugar instantly so you want it to stay fresh.  Still, it’s not worth it to spend too much on a storage container when there are many more affordable options that work well.

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    Wrap Up

    Our pick for the best container is the Progressive Brown Sugar Storage Container because it is large enough for most people and can hold the standard brown sugar bag. It also contains the terra cotta disk to keep sugar soft and fresh. 

    If you need a larger container Extra Large Tall Food Storage Container for Baking Supplies, will hold much more and are a great value.

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