Best Airtight Containers for Pantry – Top 8 Options

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Are you on the hunt for the best airtight containers for your pantry storage to keep food fresh? We understand the struggle; that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 8 great containers that will solve all your storage problems.

Best Airtight Containers for Pantry

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Dwellza Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids A+
Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container A+
Stainless Steel Airtight Container with Clear Lid and Sturdy Locking Clamp A+
Food Storage Jar with Wooden Lid A+
Pop & Lock Air-Tight Food Storage Containers A+
Rubbermaid Clear Container Set A+
100% Airtight Cereal Container Storage Set A+
Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Food Storage Container A+

Best Airtight Containers for Pantry

Dwellza Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids

DWËLLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids – 6 Piece Set Air Tight Kitchen Storage Containers for Pantry Organization and Storage - Clear Plastic BPA-Free - Keeps Food Fresh & Dry

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This package of 6 storage containers from Dwellza makes it easy to store anything in the pantry. Because each container is the same size, they give a very uniform look which results in your space looking very clean and organized.

The capacity of each container is 1-liter, so they are ideal for storing dried goods and food staples such as rice, sugar, flour, sugar, and pasta. You can also stack these containers vertically, so you’ll end up saving space wherever you choose to store them.

When you push down on the tab, the lid puts pressure on the silicone ring inside to make sure the container has an airtight seal. This means you don’t have to worry about anything spoiling or drying out, and your food will be fresh when you open it.


  • Containers are made using durable plastic that is BPA-free and does not affect the taste of the food stored inside.
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The black lids and clear containers give your kitchen an elegant and modern look.
  • Easy to open and close


  • Some customers thought they were smaller than they expected them to be.
  • If they are dropped, the plastic can easily break.

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container

Airtight Food Storage Containers Set for Kitchen & Pantry Organization 7 PC - BPA Free Plastic Dry Food Storage Containers with Easy Lock Lids - Stackable Sugar, Flour & Cereal Canisters with Labels & Marker (Black)

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If you need a variety of sizes to store all different types of foods, then this set of 7 containers from Chef’s Path might be perfect for you. The total storage capacity of all the containers is nearly 30 cups or almost 7 liters.

The taller one can easily hold long spaghetti or lasagne noodles, while the small ones are perfect for nuts or candy. Medium-sized containers are perfect for storing dried beans, quinoa, sugar, and flour.

Each container is fitted with a black lid that has been recently improved and made from durable and impact-resistant plastic, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily. The lid-lock mechanism ensures an airtight seal so your food will stay fresh for longer.


  • It comes with reusable chalkboard labels and markers to make beautiful labels.
  • Because they are airtight, you can also use them for holding liquids such as soup or juice without spilling.
  • The clear container allows you to see whatever is inside with just a glance.
  • They are stackable and minimized to save space, so your kitchen is free of clutter.


  • A few people had their containers ruined when they put them in the dishwasher.
  • Some thought they were too small.

Stainless Steel Airtight Container with Clear Lid and Sturdy Locking Clamp

Stainless Steel Airtight Canister for Kitchen, ENLOY Large Flour Coffee Bean Tea Cereal Sugar Cookie Metal Food Storage Canisters with Clear Lid and Sturdy Locking Clamp

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If you need a truly airtight container, you can’t go wrong with this metal canister, which can hold 165 ounces or 5-pounds of dry ingredients such as flour. It features a rubber seal that connects to the edge of the canister to prevent air from entering the jar.

The silicone gasket is BAP-free and does not have a strong smell or contain any toxic chemicals that could penetrate the food inside. Although these canisters look heavy-duty, they are very light and easy to open, so you don’t have to struggle to access the contents.

The locking clips, along with the strong seal, mean this container will stay closed, and everything inside will be secure, even if it is dropped or falls over. The transparent lid allows you to see whatever is inside to easily determine how much is left if you’re running low.


  • It has a hermetic seal, so it is truly airtight and will not let contents spoil.
  • It can be opened with one hand using the locking clamp
  • Ideal for those who like a clean and minimal look to their storage and can be used to decorate countertops


  • Care must be taken when washing it so you don’t damage the protective film, which would cause the stainless steel to rust.
  • Some thought the metal was too thin and flimsier than anticipated

Food Storage Jar with Wooden Lid

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This elegant jar has a glass bottom and a beautiful wooden lid. The container’s body is made from thick borosilicate glass, making it strong and durable. The bamboo lid features a silicone ring to form a tight seal for airtight storage.

It can hold 545 ml or 18.56 fluid ounces, although these amounts may vary depending on the size of what is stored. It’s ideal for storing coffee, snacks, nuts, and candy. You can even put in dog treats, and the seal will keep them fresh without making your house smell bad.

The wide mouth lets you dispense whatever is inside with ease. Just pop open the lid and pour the ingredients into a bowl for snacking or serving guests. Then seal up the rest and put it away for later.


  • This product has a warranty that guarantees a refund if you are not satisfied.
  • It is very cute and looks great on your countertop while remaining functional.
  • The flat lid makes it easy to stack other containers on top of it


  • The wooden lid can initially have a slight odor but will dissipate after being aired out.

Pop & Lock Air-Tight Food Storage Containers

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Those who don’t want to struggle to open their containers will love these space-saving canisters by Kona. With their patented pop lids, you can easily ensure a tight seal, making the containers airtight yet easy to open.

When you are ready to open the container, press the button to break the seal and then gently lift the lid off. These containers are so easy to use; you only need one hand to do it, perfect for busy cooks.

You will receive five containers in multiple sizes, so you can mix and match different things to store them. From tea and biscuits to nuts and dried fruit, anything you put inside will remain fresh and taste delicious.


  • These containers come with a 7-year warranty, so you can buy them without worrying about what to do if they crack or break.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and includes a free scoop
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack for easy cleaning


  • Some found the lids were difficult to take apart in order to wash

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Rubbermaid Clear Container Set

Rubbermaid Brilliance Leak-Proof Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids, Set of 3 (6 Pieces Total) | BPA-Free & Stain Resistant

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Without mentioning the iconic Rubbermaid containers that many know and love, no list of storage containers would be complete. This 6-piece set contains three plastic containers and their matching lids. The largest container is 3.2 cups, while the smaller two can hold 1.3 cups.

These containers are transparent on both the bottom and the lid so you can see what is inside from all angles and quickly know what supplies you have on hand. They have a strong latching mechanism to keep food sealed, so it stays fresh and doesn’t spill.

There are also small vents built-in under the latches so you can microwave leftovers without any splattering, so you won’t have even more to clean up. In addition to pantry storage, you can also use these for meal prep or take food to work or on the go.


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer
  • They are leak-proof and have an airtight, secure seal


  • Some thought they were not very durable and cracked over time
  • A few customers had issues with the containers cracking if microwaved for long periods

100% Airtight Cereal Container Storage Set

Cereal Containers Storage Set, Airtight Food Storage Containers, Kitchen & Pantry Organization, 8 Labels, Spoon Set & Pen, Great for Flour - BPA-Free Dispenser Keepers (135.2oz) - Chef’s Path (3)

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One of the things that can take up a lot of space in your pantry is an assortment of breakfast cereal boxes. Once a bag of cereal is half gone, the box still takes up a lot of room. Or the plastic bag inside can be hard to seal, causing the cereal to get stale.

With these airtight containers made specifically for cereal, you don’t have to worry about cluttering up the pantry or making a mess. Instead, the clear plastic means you can see exactly how much cereal is left so you can buy more.

You won’t be disappointed to grab a box of cereal anymore, only to find there’s barely enough left for a single bowl. The size is perfect and can fit an entire box of cereal and then be sealed and stored until it’s time to eat them.


  • It comes with labels so you can design the containers and personalize them
  • In addition to the containers, you will also receive a 4-piece measuring spoon set that can be used to scoop out cereal
  • The side-locking lids feature a silicone seal so air cannot enter and make cereal go stale
  • The flip-top lid makes it easy to pour yourself a bowl of cereal, so you save time in the morning


  • It does not hold larger sized boxes of cereal or those with big pieces
  • Some users reported that the tabs popped open too easily

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Food Storage Container

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Airtight Food Storage Container, BPA-Free Plastic

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This large, 19.9-cup plastic storage container from Rubbermaid is large enough to hold almost anything. This specific size is designed with cereal in mind, but if you need more space for a large bag of flour or sugar, this container should do the trick.

Because it’s also very tall, you can fit in long pasta easily without it breaking in half. The plastic is also stain-resistant, so it will remain beautiful and won’t get discolored over time.

Multiple sizes are available, so if you love this design, you can purchase identical containers for all your pantry storage needs. They will save you a lot of space, with smaller ones stacking on top and creating a uniform look.


  • Both the bases and lids are dishwasher safe.
  • A clear plastic container and lid allow you to see what is inside from all angles.
  • Guaranteed to be airtight and leak-proof so food stays fresher for longer


  • Some said they had to take the entire lid off in order to pour the cereal out.
  • It can get top-heavy because of the slim design, so it’s not ideal for storing heavy ingredients.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing the Airtight Pantry Container


Most people store dried goods in their pantry. This can include baking ingredients like flour and sugar or dried staples such as rice, beans, and pasta. You can even store spices, tea, coffee, cereal, and other snacks like nuts or dried fruit.

Based on the foods you will be storing, you’ll need a container that can perfectly fit them. Long pasta like spaghetti or lasagna needs a taller storage container. Breakfast cereals require one that can fit a lot of volumes.

Smaller snacks and denser foods won’t need as much space. Look for containers that can suit several different needs, so they are versatile. Then invest in a few bigger ones that are specific to things like cereal or pasta that won’t fit in any other container.


If you cook a lot or just love having cereal or oatmeal for breakfast every morning, then the containers in your pantry will get a lot of use. You may even find yourself opening them multiple times a day, especially if you cook a lot.

Snacks and other treats can be dipped throughout the day, which means the container will be reached for, opened, and closed many times. If kids access the pantry, the containers need to stand up to being dropped or tipped over.

Look for strong materials made from thicker plastic so they will hold up for a long time in the pantry. They should also stay in one piece if tipped over or dropped without cracking the first time they fall.


Keeping food fresh is the whole point of storing things in the pantry. You want your ingredients to stay dry and protected from bugs like ants or gnats. Having an airtight seal will guarantee these two things and is important when selecting a container.

Those that have locking lids will make sure nothing gets between the edge of the container and the top. Silicone bands or rubber grips that press into place and create a strong seal are also excellent to ensure the containers stay airtight.

However, you also don’t want to create a too strong seal, making the container difficult to open. That can result in pulling too hard on the lid and spilling the contents everywhere. So look for clips that are easy to open or pop-top lids that instantly break the seal when you need to access your ingredients.


Everyone has a pantry of different sizes, and you may not have walk-in storage in your home. Those who live in smaller apartments or don’t have a house designed with a lot of extra space in mind will understand the struggle of finding places to put things.

Containers that are stackable solve a lot of storage problems because they allow you to use space vertically. Sleek canisters and containers should have a flat lid that allows you to put other contents on top of them.

The containers should also be durable enough that they can withstand the weight of having additional things placed on top. After all, the containers will be there for a long time, so they must be high-quality to handle the pressure from above.

Type of Opening

To quickly and easily access the ingredients stored in your pantry, each container should be easy to open. For contents that will be poured out, like cereal, there should be an easy way to flip open the container and pour directly into a bowl.

If you bake a lot, you will want large enough openings to fit a 1-cup measuring cup into the opening to get flour or sugar. For snacks like cookies or candy, you may want to reach inside and grab a handful. So find a container that opens wide enough, so your hand doesn’t get stuck inside.

Wrap Up

It’s always a good idea to purchase a lot of different containers in various sizes to make the most of your storage space. You may need shorter ones for shelves that aren’t as high and stackable ones for areas with a lot of overhead space. If you have to choose just one type, though, we recommend the Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Food Storage Containers.

They come in many different sizes, and you can even purchase sets with multiple containers, including up to 10 pieces. They are also clear, so it’s easy to see what is inside, and they stay airtight. The flat lids allow them to be stacked in many different ways, and customers who bought them absolutely love them.