What Does Mineral Water Taste Like?

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Wondering what makes mineral water different from other kinds of water you drink? Read on to find answers to your top questions, including what it tastes like, how it’s different from sparkling water and what you can do with it to make fun drinks.

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What Does Mineral Water Taste Like? 

No two mineral water brands are exactly alike. The flavors range from acidic, to salty, to bitter due to a range of minerals either added or naturally occurring in the water.

You might be able to tell which minerals are in your water according to the flavor. The more saltier beverages probably contain a good dose of sodium while the bitter-tasting mineral waters are likely higher in magnesium.

Mineral Water Texture 

Mineral water can either be still or bubbly like sparkling water. Still mineral water is flat with the same body and feel as regular drinking water while the other kind has tiny bubbles in it.

Some carbonated mineral waters are natural, as in from a spring that produces the bubbles, and others are artificially carbonated. The artificial process can often produce a much more intensely fizzy texture.

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Is Pellegrino Mineral Water? 

S.Pellegrino is a good example of a mineral water you may have had without knowing it. It’s an Italian brand sold in restaurants, grocery stores and shops all over.

Sanpellegrino flavored beverages, on the other hand, are called sparkling beverages on the labels (not mineral water). They’re more like seltzers with added sugar.

What Is the Difference Between Mineral Water and Sparkling Water? 

Sparkling water tends to be used as an umbrella term for all kinds of carbonated waters, plain or flavored, including seltzer, club soda and mineral water.

What makes mineral water different is mainly the mineral content—that and the fact that it may not even be fizzy at all. Sparkling water shouldn’t be mineralized.

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Mineral Water Recipe Tips 

If you have a bottle of mineral water, you can use it to make fancy drinks. Check out these short videos with DIY backyard vacation sippers.

Adding mineral water is a simple way to dress up lemonade.

Here’s what you need:

  • Lemons
  • Simple syrup
  • S.Pellegrino or other sparkling mineral water
  • Plain water

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What about a sparkling peach iced tea? This recipe calls for seltzer, but you can use carbonated mineral water instead.

Here are the simple ingredients:

  • Your favorite loose leaf tea
  • Peaches
  • Sparkling mineral water

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Wrap Up 

Whether flat or bubbly, mineral water contains a variety of minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium. You can drink it by itself, but the fun lies in mixing it into your lemonade, iced tea and fruit smoothies. Try a sparkling mineral water and pink lemonade on a hot summer day.

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