What Does Fried Yucca Taste Like?

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Fried Yucca in a bowl

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What Does Fried Yucca Taste Like? 

Fried yucca, or yucca fries, look just like thick-cut French fries.But instead of being made from potatoes, they’re made from yucca, also called yuca, cassava and manioc.It’s a starchy root with a mild and nutty flavor.

Yucca is sweeter than potatoes, so yucca fries have a slightly sweet quality, though not like sweet potato fries.Yucca fries are a lot like potato French fries, just with a bit more flavor.

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Fried Yucca Texture 

There aren’t many differences between fried yucca and French fry textures.Both are starchy and grainy inside and crispy on the outside, especially if they’re battered.

Yucca has a little more body to it.Whereas potato fries can get dry and crumbly, yucca fries should maintain their shape and body. 


Is Yucca Safe to Eat? 

Yes, yucca is safe when you prepare it correctly.Peeling, soaking and cooking cassava is the way to make a natural toxin it contains inert.

Cooking yucca well, whether by boiling or baking, will make it perfectly safe to consume.We recommend doing some quick research on the subject so that you’re well-informed when it comes to making your own fried yucca for dinner.


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