What Does Flax Milk Taste Like?

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flaxseed and a glass of flax milk on a table


Flax Milk Texture 

Some vegan milks are super creamy while others are pretty watery.Flax milk lands just about right in the middle—it’s not as thick as cashew milk, but it’s not as thin as rice milk.

There is a creaminess to flax milk that might be compared to dairy milk, for all those who used to drink it.It’s a good cereal milk, neither too rich nor diluted in texture.

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Can Flax Milk Be Heated? 

You can use flax milk exactly like you’d use dairy or other vegan milks, meaning you can drink it straight, cook with it, bake with it or warm it up in the microwave. We have also created a guide for the best microwave toaster oven combo.

There are no special instructions when it comes to heating flax milk, though some brands incorporate ingredients that are nutritionally altered with heating, like Good Karma.The probiotic benefit of their cultured flax milk will be neutralized, but you can still cook with it.

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