What Does Earl Grey Taste Like?

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English breakfast or Earl Grey?In this article, we’ll tell you about all about Earl Grey tea, including what it tastes like, how it’s different from other black teas and the best ways to drink it.

The Earl Grey tea texture.

What Does Earl Grey Taste Like? 

The taste of Earl Grey (sometimes spelled Earl Gray) is instantly recognizable.It’s a black tea infused with the essence of bergamot, an intensely floral orange grown in Italy, France and Turkey.

As such, Earl Grey tea has a potent floral flavor with hints of citrus, but it’s more like a sweet orange blossom perfume than an actual orange.Be prepared for the intensity of this intoxicating characteristic.

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Does Earl Grey Have Lavender? 

Having Earl Grey tea with lavender is a French style of drinking it.Many tea brands advertise Earl Grey with lavender, which increases the sweet, perfumy quality.

You can add fresh or dried lavender (the kind meant for eating) to a pot of Earl Grey tea at home if you don’t have the blend.This will usually create a more powerful lavender flavor.

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