What Does Dulse Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re covering everything you need to know about dulse. Does it really taste like bacon? What’s the texture like? How do you cook with it? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

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Let’s dive right in…

What Does Dulse Taste Like? 

You may have heard of this sea vegetable that reportedly tastes like bacon. Are the rumors true? Well, the answer is yes…and not exactly. Really, it depends on how it’s prepared.

Dulse does have an umami quality, but it’s not seriously bacony until it’s smoked. After being smoked, the rich, salty flavors really do develop along the lines of a baconesque profile. 

It’s not a shoe-in for bacon, but you could definitely top a veggie burger with it. And you can also sprinkle it on salad to add some smokiness.

Dulse Texture 

Seaweeds in general have a chewy texture when soaked, and dulse is no exception. One approach to preparing it is by battering and frying it, in which case it will be chewy and crispy.

You’ll also notice a rubberiness to soaked dulse, though the dried seaweed doesn’t have this characteristic. It’s still chewy, just a bit tougher.

If it’s ground into a powder, then it’s a texture that you probably won’t notice.

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Does Dulse Taste Fishy? 

Some people feel that dulse tastes fishy while others feel that it’s just savory and salty (more like bacon than seafood). It may be more fishy in aroma than actual flavor.

If you’re looking for a seaweed to season mock tuna salad or a vegan poke bowl, it may be better to use nori seaweed than dulse, though plenty of recipes opt for dulse to create a well-rounded flavor.

How Do You Eat Dulse? 

One of the easiest ways to eat dulse is in flake form. You can buy a package of dulse flakes and throw a handful in your salads, soups and sandwiches.

Fry it to make it more like veggie bacon, make your own spice blends with it, or treat it like a seasoned salt and add it to pretty much any meal. We’ve got some favorite recipes coming up in minute.

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How Long Does Dulse Last? 

Dulse will lose its potency over time. Read the expiration date for an idea of how long it’ll stay fresh-tasting, but even dulse gathering dust on the shelf can still be pretty good if stored properly.

You want to keep it out of the sun and direct heat. Place it in the back of the cabinet, in a closed pantry or anywhere it won’t be near a window. Seal it up tight, making sure no air gets into the container, and it’ll be just fine.

Dulse Serving Tips 

Here’s the part you were waiting for: the recipes. We’re going over some vegan meals you won’t want to miss. Who doesn’t love a good vegan BLT? 

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For this fabulous vegan take on the classic BLT, you’ll need:

  • Any vegan cheese you prefer
  • Sandwich bread
  • Dulse
  • Olive oil
  • Tomato
  • Black pepper
  • Lettuce

Dulse is made for vegan ramen. Buy these ingredients at the store:

  • Dried shiitake mushrooms
  • Wakame seaweed
  • Dulse
  • Garlic
  • Coconut palm sugar
  • Spring onions
  • Pak choi (or bok choy)
  • Ginger
  • Tamari
  • Chili pepper
  • Edamame
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Chili flakes
  • Shichimi togarashi

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Wrap Up 

So does dulse taste like bacon? It kind of does, but more so when it’s smoked. It’s salty and savory and especially bacon-like when fried. There’s so much you can do with it, so start adding it to your salads, soups, sauces, sandwiches and lunch bowls. If you love vegan BLTs and ramen, dulse is your new best friend.

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