What Does English Breakfast Tea Taste Like?

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What Does English Breakfast Tea Taste Like

If you go to your average restaurant and look at their menu, chances are they’ll only have one kind of tea to offer to you if they have tea at all. Tea enthusiasts will inform you, though, that the world of tea is wide and diverse, with hundreds of types available.

However, English breakfast tea might be one of the more well-known kinds. If you’ve never had it before, we’ll be describing what English breakfast tea tastes like here in addition to answering other questions about it.

What Does English Breakfast Tea Taste Like?

Have you ever sipped on a cup of tea and thought the flavor was too mild? Then you’ll probably love English breakfast tea, which has a much more pronounced taste.

The taste in question can be bitter or sweet depending on the creator of the tea and how long you steep it for. There are also airy floral notes underlying the initial bitterness or sweetness that can be accentuated with the introduction of sweeteners and non-dairy milks.

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Is English Breakfast Tea the Same as Normal Tea?

There isn’t really a default tea that could be defined as “the normal tea.” That being said, English breakfast is one of the most popular types of tea in the world, so you’ll likely encounter it in a range of settings.

If you’re wondering how English compares to other breakfast blends, such as Irish breakfast tea, that’s an excellent question. The Ceylon component of English breakfast tea is much more forward than in other breakfast blends. The result is an especially bold black tea.

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What Does Twinings English Breakfast Tea Taste Like?

Twinings might be one of the most popular tea brands available. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that they have an English breakfast tea blend.

Their English breakfast tea is designed to represent English breakfast tea as a whole. As such, it has that well-rounded floral flavor you’d observe in other breakfast teas. Like you might expect, it goes particularly well with popular breakfast foods and will help wake you up.

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How Do You Make English Breakfast Tea Taste Better?

So what if English breakfast tea isn’t, well, your cup of tea? If you’re looking for ways to improve the flavor of your English breakfast tea, the good news is that it’s not difficult to do so.

The first step is ensuring you prepare the tea properly. It should come with instructions that you can follow to the letter. Twinings recommends bringing cold water to a boil and infusing the tea for anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

If you don’t like the taste of the tea straight, consider adding a lemon slice or a quick splash of your favorite non-dairy milk.

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Wrap Up

It’s fairly safe to say that most people don’t want to leave the comfort of their beds in the morning. One great way to motivate yourself to get ready for the day is with the promise of a treat like English breakfast tea. Like the name implies, try a fresh cup of the tea as you nibble on your first meal of the day.

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