What Does Cream of Wheat Taste Like?

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cream of wheat on a breakfast table

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What Does Cream of Wheat Taste Like? 

Somehow, cream of wheat is both bland and distinctive—you never forget the taste. That's usually a good thing as cream of wheat has lifelong devotees.

The flavor of cream of wheat is somewhat dusty and grainy, which is one reason it isn't typically eaten plain. Like pasta or tofu, cream of wheat will pick up the flavor of whatever you mix into it.

Cream of Wheat Texture 

The texture is the best part of it. Like the name suggests, it's thick and creamy, even when it's made with water. Of course, vegan milk will make it even richer.

There's another side to this cereal. It's also a little grainy with soft wheat granules that you can almost chew, though they're too small to do so. This characteristic of cream of wheat is generally considered pleasant as it gives it a full-bodied texture.





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