What Does Chard Taste Like?

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As you explore your leafy green options, chard is one that may pop up.If you’re not sure whether you’ll like it or not, keep reading because we’re tackling all your questions: what chard tastes like, what parts of chard to eat, how to cook with it and beyond.

chard leaves close up

Let’s dive right in…

What Does Chard Taste Like? 

If you’ve eaten spinach and kale, you know how widely greens can vary in taste. 

Though the flavor of chard is far from the bitterness of kale, it does have a very slight bitterness to it.


Chard is not only similar to spinach in flavor, but also in the texture.

Whereas kale (especially mature kale) can be tough unless you cook it well to break down the plant fibers, chard is so tender, it’s very easy to chew without heavy cooking. 

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Do You Eat the Stems of Chard? 

You don’t have to eat the chard stems, but you’d be missing out.

There’s no need to eat chard stems separately from the leaves.


If you prefer, you can eat Swiss chard raw.

As an alternative, you can massage raw chard to give it a “cooked” appearance and feel.

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What is Chard Used for? 

The better question is: what isn’t chard used for?To boost the flavor and nutritional value of your breakfast, you can add it to your tofu

The only things you probably won’t want to eat Swiss chard in are sweet foods, though we’re not ruling it out.


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Explore the world of chard with this vegan potato, chard and avocado bowl recipe.You’ll need Swiss chard, any kind of potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, curry powder and gorgeous avocado to top it all off.

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