What Does Celery Seed Taste Like?

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What Does Celery Seed Taste Like

If you’ve got a well-stocked spice rack, chances are, you’ve got celery seed somewhere on that rack. This brown, granular spice isn’t necessarily a kitchen staple, but you’ll see it turn up in recipes occasionally.

If you’re curious about it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about what celery seed tastes like, how you can use it, and its relation to celery salt here.

What Does Celery Seed Taste Like?

Just like the name implies, celery seed is comprised of the seeds of celery. You can get them in whole seed or ground form.

They taste just like the aromatic green veggie they come from. The taste of celery seed is salty with a bitter aftertaste, as well as a pronounced savory flavor that isn’t as prominent in the stalks.

You can learn more about celery’s flavor in our guide to what celery tastes like.

What Can I Use Celery Seed For?

Celery seed is used like any other spice: mixed in with your foods as a flavor enhancer. Any time you want the astringent taste of celery without the crunch of the stalks, consider adding celery seed in.

You can add a little bit to your salad for a more flavorful depth or texture. Sprinkle some into a vegan potato salad, as well.

Like celery, celery seed also goes well with tomato, so many recipes that use tomato could benefit from a bit of celery seed.

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Can I Substitute Celery Seed for Celery Stalk?

When recipes call for a stalk of celery, it’s not always just the flavor they’re looking for – it likely has to do with the crisp texture and body it adds to a dish. In other words, celery seed won’t be a perfect substitute, because it won’t contribute much as far as bite goes to your food.

However, in a pinch, you can use celery seed to instill your recipe with that classic celery flavor.

What is the Difference Between Celery Salt and Celery Seed?

There isn’t actually much of a difference between celery seed and salt. In fact, what little difference there is is all in the name: celery salt is just a mixture of celery seed and salt.

The result is a flavor that’s like concentrated celery with an increased salty bite. It’s incredibly savory, which makes it perfect for sauce and soup.

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Wrap Up

Want to give your recipe the astringent zip of celery? No need to fear if you’re lacking the actual stalks – a little pinch of celery seed might be all you need. This nondescript brown spice contains all the flavor of celery in a convenient powdered form. Try pairing it with tomatoes that next time you make something using them.