What Does Black Tea Taste Like?

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In the caffeinated beverage world, black tea is the natural alternative to coffee. But what does it taste like? In this article, we’ll be discussing taste, prep tips and more, so gather ’round.

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Let the tea party begin…

What Does Black Tea Taste Like? 

Depending on variety, quality and preparation method, black teas can have all kinds of different flavors. However, they all have commonalities that you’ll come to expect no matter which variety you select for your afternoon cup.

Black teas are rich in flavor with strong tannic qualities and herbal notes, particularly in the aroma. By themselves, they’re usually pungent and on the savory side, though there can be a natural sweetness that does not present itself until a splash of vegan milk is added. 

Is Black Tea Bitter? 

There is a certain bitterness to black teas that’s not unlike the bitterness of coffee. Some people love this quality, preferring to drink black tea straight the same way some prefer their coffee black.

While there is some bitterness to black tea, it should not be offensively bitter. If it is, you may have steeped your tea too long. Take care to check brew times on different kinds of black tea for the best flavor.

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How Do You Drink Black Tea? 

Hot and iced black teas are taken a little differently. It’s common to add sugar and (nondairy) milk to hot black tea to reduce the bitter flavor and enhance the other flavors that may otherwise be too subtle to notice. 

Iced black tea, on the other hand, is usually served with lemon or sugar. Southern sweet tea is a sugary and tremendously popular version of iced tea while Thai tea, which combines black iced tea, sugar and condensed milk, is a thick, sweet iced tea that can easily be made vegan with soy milk.

As you can see, there are many ways to drink black tea. Some black teas taste better with certain ingredients, so experiment to find your favorite recipe.

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What Does English Breakfast Black Tea Taste Like? 

English breakfast is one of the most recognizable black tea varieties. It’s a blend of black teas like Assam and Ceylon and praised for its robust flavor and wake-up properties.

English breakfast tastes a little floral and vegetal, and it’s usually combined with sugar and the milk of your choice. Try almond or coconut milk for a rich, creamy tea.

Black Tea Serving Tips 

Brewing black tea is simple, but there are key things you should know to make a good cup without excessive bitterness. Below are videos to guide you through brewing as well as to show you how to get fancier with black tea recipes.

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First things first. Let’s see how to make black tea. This video shows you tips for making the best-tasting tea, including black, green and herbal teas.

Do you love bubble tea? If so, then you’re going to love this video. It shows you how to make vegan bubble tea with English breakfast tea, tapioca pearls, soy milk and maple syrup. Getting your caffeine kick can be fun.

Remember that vegan Thai tea we talked about? Here’s how to make it with black tea, vegan milk, cashews, maple syrup and vanilla. It could very possibly become your new favorite summer beverage.

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Wrap Up

Black tea is dark with a deep flavor that has a pleasant bitterness the same way coffee does. You can drink black tea with nothing in it or you can add sweetener and vegan milk. Try it hot, iced, shaken or stirred. Drinking black tea is an ancient custom that can get as creative as you like, so try vegan bubble tea and Thai tea for two particularly delicious ways to enjoy it.

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