What Does Black Truffle Taste Like?

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In this short guide, we’re going to cover black truffle taste, texture and a few awesome ways to enjoy eating it…

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Let’s get right to it…

What Does Black Truffle Taste Like?

Many people are surprised to learn that not all black truffles taste the same. Depending on where a specific black truffle was harvested, it will taste different than truffles that were harvested in another area.

Generally speaking, however, black truffles are nutty and have a woody smell and taste to them. They do have a slight underlying mushroom taste, but this is generally not overwhelming. While white truffles are sometimes known for having a garlic flavor to them, black truffles do not usually taste this light and have a much more complex and rich taste.

Many people find that black truffles have a musky and deep taste and fragrance that goes beyond simply smelling nutty and woody. They describe it as:

  • Heady
  • Intoxicating
  • Damp
  • Musky
  • Deep

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Black Truffle Texture

Just like the taste of black truffles will vary a little from truffle to truffle, their texture can vary some, as well.

Most black truffles have a compact texture that is similar to the combination of ground almonds and damp cheese, such as Parmesan. Think of this mixture tightly packed together and you will have an understanding of the texture.

However, truffles aren’t grainy, nor do they crumble and fall apart when they are sliced. They are actually firmer to the touch than expected, although they do have some give to them.

Truffles can be finely shaved to be used on top of pasta or other dishes so that they can impart their flavor without being overwhelming, and it’s due in part to how firm they are that they won’t fall apart when you shave them.

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How Do You Eat a Truffle?

Thanks to the heady and strong flavor and aroma of truffles, you only need a little to go a very long way when you are cooking. Black truffles taste great on pizza and risotto as well as in sauces, over salads, and on pastas, as they will quickly improve the flavor of most any dish.

Some people even like to finely shave truffles over popcorn and then toss the whole thing with a little coconut oil and salt to help the flavor spread.

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In the above video you can see how shaved black truffles really improve the taste and aroma of a bowl of pasta. Unlike truffle oil, black truffles have an intense and unique flavor that is strong enough to stand up to pasta.

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This is another great pasta recipe that uses black truffles and is a little more kid friendly, as it is mac and cheese. By improving the recipe with onions, mushrooms, and spinach, this mac and cheese becomes an elevated dish.

Wrap up

While black truffles aren’t inexpensive and also aren’t likely to be available at your local grocery store, they are definitely a splurge that you will want to try at least once in your life. The flavor of fresh black truffles is unlike anything that you can find in an oil and will quickly elevate any dish that you are making into something incredible.

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