What Does Black Rice Taste Like? What About The Texture?

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What does black rice taste like?

In this guide, you’ll find answers to all of your questions about black rice – including the most common: What Does Black Rice Taste Like? You’ll also find helpful tips and quick and easy black rice recipes.

Let’s get started…

What Does Black Rice Taste Like?

Black rice tastes a bit earthy and nutty – similar to brown rice with slightly more flavor. It isn’t overpowering or distinct, but rather mild. In the presence of a sauce, you’re not likely to notice the flavor of black rice too much.

The final taste is also extremely dependent on how you cook it. For example, if you add seasoning or use broth or stock, the black rice will absorb those flavors and the nutty and earthy flavor profile will fade into the background.

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black rice texture

Texture of Black Rice

The texture of black rice depends on how you cook it, but overall it is slightly more dense than white rice. The bite has a bit more of a “crunch”, but cooking black rice longer with more water will give you a fluffier and stickier texture.

That said, at the end of the day black rice is still rice. The texture isn’t too far off of white rice.

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How is Black Rice Used?

Black rice can be used anywhere that you would use any other rice. It’s suitable for any type of cuisine including burrito bowls, stir fry, puddings, and much more. Here are a few excellent recipe ideas that will get the creative juices flowing…

1. Black Rice Stir Fry

An easy and nutritious dish that can be made with…

  • Mushrooms
  • Broccolini
  • Peppers
  • Green Onion
  • Garlic
  • Thyme
  • Salt
  • Coconut Oil

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2. Black Rice Pudding

A delicate and satisfying dessert which you can make with…

  • Extra water for cooking
  • Sugar or sweetener
  • Vanilla flavoring or vanilla beans
  • Fresh fruit for serving

3. Black Rice and Veggie Bean Bowl

Black rice can be made into something delicious with random ingredients you may have lying around in the kitchen. The above recipe uses the following to create something delicious…

  • Broccoli
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Kale
  • Black Rice
  • Shredded Pumpkin

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Where Does Black Rice Originate From?

According to NPR, black rice originated in Ancient China. It wasn’t found as a wild species of rice, but was instead bred by farmers as a tribute to the Emperor. They would do this by selectively breeding black rice when it would show up in accidentally during domestic rice growing.

How do You Cook Forbidden Black Rice?

Cooking forbidden black rice can be broken down to these easy steps…

  • Add rice to cooking vessel (pot or rice cooker) with a ratio of 1-3/4 cup of water to 1 cup of rice.
  • Use high heat to bring to a boil.
  • Once boiling, reduce heat and cover the rice and simmer for 25-35 minutes.
  • Take rice off heat and let cool for a few minutes.
  • Fluff the rice and serve.
  • Salt and seasonings can be added before cooking to infused flavors.

Is Purple and Black Rice the Same?

Yes, Purple Rice and Black Rice are the same thing. When black rice is cooked, it can take on a purplish texture which is where the name comes from. That said, both Black Rice and Purple Rice are also known as “Forbidden Rice” and people tend to be used interchangeably.

washing black rice

Do You Need to Rinse Black Rice?

You don’t necessarily need to rinse black rice, but it can be a good idea for two reasons…

  • You get the chance to remove any debris from black rice that may have been leftover from the manufacturing and cooking process.
  • If you rinse and soak the black rice overnight, this will lessen the cooking time. This is useful if you are prepping the day before, but not necessary.

Does Black Rice Have Sugar?

Per 1/3 cup dry serving – black rice has 1 gram of sugar. This sugar is naturally occurring and there is no added sugar to black or purple rice.

Is Black Rice High in Fiber?

Black rice is relatively high in fiber – with 3 grams for every 1/3 cup (dry) serving. This provides about 10% of the recommended daily value. Serving it with fiber-rich veggies is a great way to get you closer to your daily fiber requirements.

black rice color

Is Black Rice Artificially Colored?

Black rice is NOT artificially colored and this means that it is naturally black or a very dark purple. There is a single gene in black rice species which activates the pigment-making chemical pathways.

Is Black Rice Sticky?

Black rice can be sticky, but it depends on how long you cook it and what you cook it with. The longer you cook it – the stickier it will be. Adding a bit of sticky sweetener for a dessert application, such as a sugar or syrup, will make black rice even stickier.

Generally speaking though, black rice is less sticky and more crunchy than white rice. That said, you’ll need to purposely cook it in a way that gives it a sticky texture.

See the Black Rice Pudding recipe at the beginning of this article.

black rice sticky texture

Wrap Up

Black rice can be used in so many fun and delicious ways – why not give it a try yourself?

Heck, you might even like it better than the white stuff!

If you don’t already have one, consider getting one of our recommended rice makers to make the cooking process easier.

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