What Does a Tangerine Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re covering a certain citrus fruit you may have heard of: the tangerine.We’ll tell you what it tastes like, how it compares with other orange varieties and what kinds of recipes are perfect for them.

two tangerines on a table one is peeled

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What Does a Tangerine Taste Like? 

Tangerines are like oranges, but more flavorful.They’re sweeter and don’t have the same level of tang you get in even the sweetest, ripest oranges.

Like orange rinds, tangerine rinds are going to have the essence of the inner fruit but with quite a bitter taste rather than a sweet one.But don’t toss them out—they can be used to enhance the flavor of sauces, jams, teas, fruity beverages, vegan cakes and beyond.

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Tangerine Texture 

The rind of the tangerine is dense but thin and malleable.Underneath the skin is a segmented fruit (just like an orange) covered in a fine white pith that feels a bit gritty but soft.

The segmented fruit is incredibly juicy with a fine pulpy texture and a bit of a snap as you bite into the thin skin.You may come across seedless tangerines, but if you don’t, just spit the seeds out.They’re hard and bitter, so you’re not missing out.

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Tangerines are actually hybrids of the mandarin fruit, so they’re quite close.They look similar as they’re both smaller than an orange, but you can tell the tangerines from the mandarins by the color of the peel.

Mandarins are a deep shade or orange.Tangerines, on the other hand, are more of a yellow-orange tone.The taste is a bit different as well.As sweet as tangerines are, mandarins are sweeter.

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Should You Refrigerate Tangerines? 


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