What Does a Pomelo Taste Like?

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In this short article, we’re going to cover everything there is to know about eating a pomelo including taste, texture, how to eat it and more…

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What Does a Pomelo Taste Like?

While the pomelo looks a lot like a grapefruit, people love the way that it tastes because it doesn’t have any of the bitter or sour flavor that is so common from grapefruit. The taste is commonly described as being much milder than other citrus.

The great thing about pomelos is that you can easily pair them with a number of different ingredients to bring out certain flavors of the fruit.

Pomelo Texture

Pomelos have edible segments that are separated by thick and hard membranes. These membranes tend to be very bitter, so they need to be avoided. Once you remove the thick rind of the pomelo and also remove the membranes, you can access the segments.

The segments themselves have a mouthfeel and a texture that is very similar to oranges and to grapefruits. One main difference is how much larger they are.

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How Do You Eat a Pomelo?

While eating a pomelo does take a little work, it’s worth the effort to enjoy this sweet and delicious fruit. One way to eat a pomelo is to peel off the rind and then remove the membranes in the same way that you would an orange. This allows you to eat the fruit raw from your hand.

As you can see in the video above, it takes a little longer to peel a pomelo than it does other types of citrus. However, if you aren’t comfortable trying to segment your fruit, then this is a great option. At this point you can either eat your pomelo as it is or use it in a number of different recipes.

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Just like you would include oranges in a salad to add a refreshing and bright taste to the greens, you can consider using pomelo in place. Pomelos make an excellent salad by themselves, as well, and are especially delicious when paired with chile for a little added spice and flavor.

What Color Is a Ripe Pomelo?

Ripe pomelos can vary from being yellow or even light green in appearance, but the color of the flesh itself can vary. It’s normal to buy pomelos that have a light yellow flesh, as well as ones that are light or dark pink. Lighter fleshed pomelos are much more common than ones that have different shades of pink flesh. Some very light flesh even looks white.

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What Kind of Fruit Is a Pomelo?

Pomelos are a type of citrus fruit. In fact, they are the largest citrus fruit that you can buy and they weigh somewhere between two and four pounds. They are available in a number of different varieties, with each one a slightly different size and with a different color and taste.

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Wrap up

Pomelos are a really interesting fruit, especially if you love citrus. Even if you are not a fan of how tart some citrus fruits can be, it may be time for you to try pomelos. Due to their delicious and sweet flavor, many people find them to be a favorite.

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