What Does A Date Taste Like?

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In this article, we're going to discuss all the vital facts about dates: what they taste like, what their texture is like, how to use them in your cooking and more.

Let's dive right in...

What Does a Date Taste Like? 

Dried dates are commonly found in the produce section of the grocery store. When you first bite into one, you'll notice how sugary-sweet it is. 

In addition to being very sweet, dates also taste very mildly like prunes or raisins. However, the fruity quality is not nearly as intense as the cane sugar flavor.

Date Texture 

Dates are squishy, dense and moist. The outer "skin" of the date is very thin and tender while the inside is gummy and sticky.

Because dates are so sticky, they make excellent raw vegan snacks rolled in nuts, shredded coconut and other tasty dried toppings.

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What Do Fresh Dates Taste Like? 

Fresh dates are often just as sweet as dried dates, but the flavor can vary depending on what kind of date you're sampling. 

The Medjool dates that turn a deep chocolaty color when dried have a lovely caramel flavor when fresh, rich and buttery. Other dates can be a little tangy or very mild in flavor without much sweetness at all.

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Do Dates Really Taste like Caramel? 

Some of them do! Medjool dates, some of the most common dates you'll find in the supermarket, taste very caramely.

Deglet Noor dates are also popular, though they're less sweet than Medjool dates and do not have the same caramel flavor. 

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How Do You Know If a Date Went Bad? 

Dried dates can keep for quite a long time. However, like all fruits and veggies, dates have a shelf life. So how do you know what that is?

First of all, if your dates look like they're covered in a dusty film, they're likely growing mold and are no longer edible. But dates can also just shrivel up and dry out, making them less than appetizing. You'll notice this when you cut into the dates and they're hard and whitish inside.

Date Serving Tips 

Desserts are some of the simplest go-to recipes for dates due to their sweetness. Check out the videos we linked below for an idea of how to use dates to enhance your cooking and baking.

Speaking of caramel, bet you didn't know you could make vegan caramel sauce out of dates. This recipe is raw, vegan, creamy and delectable. Just combine soaked dates, vanilla, coconut oil and sea salt in a blender or food processor.

This video will show you how to make refined sugar-free vegan banana date bread with walnuts, chopped dates, mashed bananas, oat flour and maple syrup.

Wrap Up

Fresh or dried, dates are sweet and delicious. Medjool dates are prized for their caramel sweetness, but don't shy away from different varieties of dates to enjoy the wide world of these exotic fruits. Chop them up with nuts, vegan chocolate, coconut and other dried fruits to make quick and easy sweet treats, or bake with them (dates make wonderful replacements for refined sugar). You can even add dates to savory sauces and sautes. Something magical happens when you combine them with salty, smoky and spicy dishes.

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