What Do Pistachios Taste Like?

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In this guide, we’re going to cover pistachio taste and texture along with some fun facts and ways to enjoy eating them…

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Let’s get crackin’…

What Do Pistachios Taste Like?

Pistachios generally have a very mild flavor that can be a little sweet. Often there is variation in a batch of pistachios, with some having a stronger flavor and others tending to be a little more mild.

Consumers who buy salted pistachios often report that the salt can affect the taste of the pistachio, masking the natural flavor and sweetness.

While pistachio flavoring is available in the store, this flavoring is often much more intense than what you would experience from a natural pistachio, making it difficult for many people to use this flavoring in a recipe without creating an overwhelming taste.

To get a stronger pistachio flavor without turning to artificial flavoring, pistachio paste is often a great option.

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Pistachio Texture

Once the hard shell of the pistachio has been cracked open, the nut is much more tender. It will crack easily apart in your fingers or in your mouth.

While not as creamy as other nuts, pistachios are not tough or hard. This makes them great to use in a lot of recipes where you don’t want them to be difficult to chew.

Additionally, their creaminess lends them to being chopped or turned into a delicious and smooth pistachio butter.

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What Is the Natural Color of Pistachios?

Natural pistachios have a shell that is beige. It is normal to see commercial pistachios where the shell has been dyed green or even red to make them more appealing.

Food historians tend to agree that, in the past, pistachios were dyed red to hide any imperfections on the shell that would have made them unappealing to customers. These imperfections were often caused when pistachios were picked by hand.

Now, however, it is much more common to see pistachios that are in their natural state, with the beige or tan shell. Since pistachios are picked by machine, there is very little problem with stains or imperfections on the shells.

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Ways to Use Pistachios

The great thing about pistachios is that they can work well in both savory and sweet recipes, including:

  • Pudding
  • Salads
  • As a breading on roasted vegetables
  • Pasta

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Thanks to the delicious and mild flavor of pistachios and the richness of coconut cream, it’s easy to make a delicious pistachio pudding.

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Pistachios are also a delicious and interesting swap to use in pesto, bringing a natural sweetness that tastes amazing on pasta and is incredibly creamy and rich.

Finally, for a delicious sweet treat on a hot summer day, pistachio “nice” cream is a wonderful treat that is not only cool and creamy, but will melt in your mouth and help you beat the heat.

Wrap up

While it does take a little effort to crack a lot of pistachios, they are well worth the work, as they not only make a great snack to take with you on the go, but are amazing in a number of different recipes.

If you have never tried pistachios before or don’t ever cook with them, then now is the time to give it a shot, as you’re sure to love their flavor and texture.

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