What Do Pears Taste Like?

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In this article, we’ll answer the most common questions about what a pear taste, texture and how to enjoy them.

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What Do Pears Taste Like?

The interesting thing about pears is that they can vary in how they taste. Much like you can buy apples that are sweet or sour, pears can also vary in flavor. They do tend to be generally sweeter than sour, but their sweetness will be partially determined by how ripe they are.

Pear Texture

The texture of your pear will really depend on the type that you choose:

  • Bosc Pears: crisp and firm flesh that is perfect for poaching due to their ability to hold their shape when cooked
  • Bartlett Pears: soft and juicy, perfect for eating out of hand due to the thin skin
  • Taylor’s Gold Pear: smooth and soft flesh that is great for making jelly as it will melt in your mouth
  • Asian Pear: gritty and crisp flesh that tends to be crunchy

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How Do You Eat a Pear?

While one of the most popular ways to eat a pear is simply to quarter and core it and then eat it out of your hand, there are many other ways that you can enjoy pears. They work well in both savory and sweet dishes, making them very versatile and easy to use in the kitchen.

Check out these videos to give you some ideas of how you can use pears in your kitchen:

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In the above video you can see how easily you can poach pears, making a delicious and show-stopping dessert. To keep it vegan,try using agave instead of honey and a non-dairy yogurt.

As you can see above, an Asian pear is crispy and crunchy enough to be used in a salad without going soft or being overwhelmed by the other ingredients.

What’s the Best Tasting Pear?

Anjous pears are the best tasting pear and are great for eating out of hand. They stay green even when they are ripe and have a firm and juicy flesh that is delicious.

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What’s the Sweetest Pear?

The Comice pear is well known as being the sweetest pear that you can buy. It’s much too delicate to cook with, but is perfect if you want to enjoy a fresh pear for dessert.

Comice pears are often included in fruit baskets. While they tend to be squat and not very attractive, they more than make up for their appearance with their amazing flavor.

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What’s the Juiciest Pear?

Bartlett pears are known for being the juiciest pear that you can buy, making it a great option if you want to eat your pear raw. The delicious juice also makes this pear stand out as an ingredient in recipes.

These pears are harvested during the summer. You can easily find both golden-yellow and red Bartlett pears, which taste the same.

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Wrap up

As you can see, there are a wide variety of pears for you to enjoy. Additionally, you have a lot of different options of how you want to eat pears.

No matter if you want to eat your pear raw or use it as an ingredient, this is an incredible and delicious fruit.

You can easily use it in place of apples in most recipes or choose a recipe that is dedicated to pears so that the fruit really shines.

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