What Do Plums Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re going to cover what plums taste like along with their texture. We’ll also clue you in on some tips and facts about plums that you should know…

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What Do Plums Taste Like?

Plums can range in flavor, from being almost cloyingly sweet when they are overripe to much tarter if they haven’t ripened completely. Not only can the flesh vary in flavor, but the skin of the plum is incredibly flavorful, as well, and tends to be very tart.

Some plums can be almost too sweet to eat out of hand. This makes them great for cooking things, such as jelly, in which the sweetness of the plum won’t be a problem.

Plum Texture

A perfectly ripe plum is going to have flesh that is firm, but yields easily under the teeth. When you eat a plum that is underripe, the flesh will be much harder and difficult to bite through.

No matter how ripe the plum is, you will have to first cut or bite through the skin. This is a very thin skin, which doesn’t offer a lot of resistance.

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What Color Plums Are Sweeter?

While there are always some exceptions to the rule, in general, the darker the plum, the sweeter the flesh of the fruit will be.

One thing to remember, however, is even when you choose a dark plum that has very juicy, sweet, and ripe fruit, the skin of the plum can still be very bitter, no matter what color it is.

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Are You Supposed to Eat the Skin of a Plum?

Both the skin and the flesh of the plum are edible, but there are some people who do not like the sharp and almost bitter flavor of the skin. If you do not like the way that plum skin tastes, then you can easily peel it.

However, if you want to enjoy the sharp skin of the plum, then you can easily leave it on. Make sure that you wash the plum before eating it, especially if you are not going to be peeling it.

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Should Plums Be Hard or Soft?

It can be tricky to find a perfectly ripe plum. Underripe plums are much harder, as these fruits will soften as they ripen.

Plums that are too soft will be overripe, bruised, or old.

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Should Plums Be Refrigerated?

Like many fruits, plums will continue to ripen after they have been picked, so you want to keep an eye on your plum to tell if it should be left on the counter or put into the fridge. Follow these steps when storing your plums:

  • Store plums on the counter until they become softer
  • Make sure your plums are out of direct heat and sunlight
  • Refrigerate ripe plums to prevent spoilage

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Wrap up

Now that you know everything there is to know about plums, it’s time for you to buy and try some of this delicious fruit for yourself. With practice you’ll be able to tell when a plum is perfectly ripe by the way that it feels and smells.

Plums really are a sweet and delicious treat, no matter if you want to peel them or eat them whole, and have an incredible flavor that most people adore.