What Do Apricots Taste Like?

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What Do Apricots Taste Like?

Unlike other stone fruits, apricots are generally very tart. While they are sweet, their tartness can be overwhelming for some people, while others see it as an added benefit for certain baked goods.

Fresh apricots aren’t going to taste as tart as dried ones will, as the flavor will be more concentrated in dried apricots.

They generally taste heavier and thicker than peaches and nectarines, which both tend to be lighter and more floral, which means that apricots do a great job standing up to other rich ingredients in recipes.

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Apricot Texture

Apricots generally have a firmer texture than other fruits, but it is not crisp the way that apples and pears can be. The flesh is soft enough to bite through easily, and offers little resistance when the fruit is perfectly ripe.

Unripe apricots will be hard and firm to the touch, while ones that are ripe will be softer and will give a little when pressed. This lets you know that you can enjoy your apricot without it being too difficult or tart to eat.

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Are Apricots Juicy?

When ripe, apricots are juicy, although they don’t have a ton of juice like other stone fruits, specifically peaches do. Generally, their flesh is juicy, but won’t tend to drip juice when you are eating it.

What Does an Apricot Look Like?

Apricots look a lot like smaller peaches, but when you compare them side by side it is incredibly easy to see the difference in the two. Apricots have skin that is much less fuzzy than peaches, but their skin is still not as smooth as other stone fruits.

Additionally, apricots tend to be a solid orange or lighter yellow orange, whereas other stone fruits are much more red or blush.

Due to their smaller size and the point at the bottom of the apricot, it’s generally easy to tell what they are once you have seen one.

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Can Apricot Skin Be Eaten?

One great thing about apricots is that the skin can be eaten along with the rest of the fruit. It’s a very thin and delicate skin, which makes it incredibly easy to bite through.

There are some people who prefer not to eat the skin of apricots, and while peeling them is possible, due to their smaller size, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

If you are going to cook with apricots and do not want to have their skins in your recipe, then it’s a good idea to boil them quickly in water, as this will make it very easy to slip the skins off. This isn’t an ideal way to peel them if you are going to eat them right away, as it can cook the flesh some and affect the texture of the fruit.

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Wrap up

These small and unassuming stone fruits are worth a try the next time you go to the grocery store. Thanks to their thin and delicate skin and the fact that they have very little fuzz, they are great for a snack on the go.

Enjoy their unique combination of a sweet and tart flavor and you’ll quickly see why apricots are such a popular stone fruit.

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