7 Fruits That Start with U

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fruits that start with u

Struggling to find a list of fruits that start with U? Truthfully, there are not a whole lot out there, but we’ve gathered every single one we could find.

Let’s get started…

1. Ugli Fruit

ugli fruit

Ugli fruit is technically a tangelo, as it’s a hybrid of a tangerine and orange. Unlike many other fruits, this one grew naturally without having to be hybridized by people.

Fortunately for people with a sweet tooth, the ugli fruit tends to be sweeter like a tangerine instead of bitter.

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2. Ugni Fruit

ugni fruit

The word ugni will probably make you think of ugli fruit, but these fruits are quite different from each other. The ugni fruit, a small purple berry, comes from South America.

Berries in general can be amazingly healthy. You can find out more in our post about the benefits of berries.

3. Umbu


Also known as the Brazil plum, the umbu fruit predictably comes from Brazil. The trees it grows on are quite small, which means many people can pick the fruit without needing a ladder.

You can eat them fresh or turn them into preserves.  

4. Usakhelauri

Don’t let the name confuse you – usakhelauri is a kind of grape that comes from the country of Georgia (not the state). Funnily enough, the name of this grape translates to “nameless.” It is often used to make wine.

5. Uva Rara Grape

uva rara grapes

Just like the usakhelauri, uva rara is another type of grape. You’ll find it growing in some parts of Italy, where people use it to make wine.

Wine doesn’t have to be made out of grapes, though – you can even make it from dandelions. Read more about it in this post about what dandelion wine tastes like.

6. Uva Tosca Grape

uva tosca grapes

Italy grows a ton of grape varieties, and the uva tosca is one of them. Like the other grapes on this list, it’s commonly used to make wine.

7. Uvalino Grape

uvalino grapes

If you try, you can probably guess where the uvalino grape comes from: Italy. Aside from being used in wines, the uvalino is becoming increasingly popular because of its antioxidants.

Fruits that Start with U