15 Fruits that Start with O

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15 Fruits that Start with O

If you’re looking for fruits that start with O, you’ve stumbled across the right page. We’ll be providing you a list of all applicable fruits we could find, as well as a fact about them all.

Let’s get started…

1. Oeillade Noire

Oeillade Noire

Grapes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Wine grapes in particular grow in a stunning range of varieties, one of which includes the Oeillade Noire grape. This is a very productive type of which grows in large bunches.

2. Ogallala Strawberry

Ogallala Strawberry

There are dozens of strawberry cultivars. Ogallala is a type of strawberry that was first grown in 1956. It has a sweet taste, and it’s resistant to cold weather.

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3. Okuzgozu Grape

Okuzgozu Grape

Okuzgozu is another type of grape. This one, however, originates in Turkey, where people also use it to make wine. These are some of the largest Turkish grapes out there.

4. Olive


In general, people treat olives more like vegetables than fruits. However, as they are botanically considered a fruit, we thought we’d include them in this list.

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5. Oliviere Olive

Oliviere Olive

Olives, like many other fruits, come in a wide range of varieties. The Oliviere olive comes from a specific region in France called Pyrenees-Orientales. There, it is the most popular olive variety.

6. Opal Apple

Opal Apple

The Opal apple brings together the features of the Golden Delicious and Topaz apples. It was created in Prague in 1999 to be resistant to browning that other apple types are vulnerable to.

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7. Orange


Orange is a popular type of citrus fruit around the world. It’s actually a hybrid of pomelo and mandarin. The world’s largest producer of oranges is Brazil, which produces approximately a quarter of the world’s supply.

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8. Orangelo


Experts think the orangelo fruit came from Puerto Rico first. It’s a hybrid of grapefruits and oranges, but is eaten similarly to grapefruits: sliced in half and scooped out of the skin with a spoon.

9. Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape

The Oregon grape probably gets its name because of its appearance, which is round and purple. Don’t let the name mislead you, though; they are not real grapes. Some people make jelly out of them.

10. Orient Pear

Orient Pear

Asian and European pears have come together to create the Orient pear. They have sweet, creamy flesh that’s simply perfect for snacking.

11. Oroblanco


The Oroblanco fruit often gets called the Oroblanco grapefruit because of how similar to grapefruit it is. Unlike grapefruit, however, it has a sweet instead of bitter taste.

12. Oso Grande Strawberry

Oso Grande Strawberry

Oso Grande strawberries were created by the University of California in 1989. They were designed to produce large numbers of fruit.

13. Osteen Mango

Osteen Mango

The first Osteen mango was born in Florida in 1935, although the tree on which it grew didn’t fruit until five years later. You can still find descendants of that tree in Florida.

14. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Looking for a type of strawberry that produces lots of fruit and can withstand the cold? The Ozark beauty could be exactly what you need. You can continue growing it up until the first frost.

15. Ozark Gold Apple

Ozark Gold Apple

Ozark gold apples also came from the United States. These apples are green with pink tinges. In terms of flavor, their flesh is quite sweet.

Fruits that Start with O