Where are Strawberries Grown?

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Where are Strawberries Grown

Are you a fan of strawberries? If you find yourself craving strawberries in smoothies, desserts, or just plain as a snack, it might be a good idea to learn more about them.

To help you dive into their background, we’ll be discussing where strawberries are grown in this post. We’ll also be answering a few common questions that you might have about strawberries and their growing needs.

Let’s jump right in.

Where are Strawberries Grown?

Strawberries grow all over the world. You can find them growing on just about any continent on the planet.

In terms of who produces the most, though, the vast majority of strawberries comes from China. Just how much? Well, in 2017 almost half of all strawberries produced in the entire world came from China.

After China, the world’s next largest producers of strawberries are the United States, Mexico, and Egypt.

Where are Strawberries Grown in the UK?

Because strawberries grow in a range of places, it shouldn’t be surprising that they also grow in the UK. Most strawberries in the United Kingdom can be found growing in the regions of Kent, Sussex, or Wales.

However, Lancashire also grows a pretty decent share of strawberries, too.

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Which Country has the Best Strawberries?

Wondering where the best strawberries in the world come from? There are a lot of different opinions on the matter.

There are some, for instance, who think that Norwegian strawberries are the best in the world. Some say they have particularly sweet and juicy strawberries in Norway.

There is one study, though, that found that the largest and highest quality strawberries simply need to be planted near hedgerows or forests. Thus, if any strawberry patch is grown under these conditions, it will likely lead to tasty strawberries.

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Where are Strawberries Naturally Found?

As we mentioned previously, strawberries grow all over the world. This is true for both cultivated and wild strawberries.

There are some sources that show that there are types of strawberries native to countries all around the world. Thus, you probably wouldn’t have to search too hard to find wild strawberries growing just about anywhere.

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Wrap Up

We think it’s a good thing that you can find strawberries in so many different places. These red berries are a delightful treat, so everyone should try them at least once.

Where do you think the best strawberries grow? Feel free to let us know with a comment below.