40 Fruits that Start with M

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Fruits that start with M

Do you need a list of fruits that start with M? Well, in that case, your search is over! We’ve created this long list of fruits which all start with M.

1. Macadamia Fruit

Macadamia fruit

If you thought the Macadamia plant grows only nuts, you’d be wrong. The tree on which Macadamia nut grows also grows fruits. Unfortunately, the fruit is hard and not very appetizing, so most people just eat the tree’s nuts.

2. Macoun Apple

Macoun apple

There are tons of apple varieties, and you’ll see a few of them, like the Macoun, on this list. Macoun is a hybrid of two other apple types, McIntosh and Jersey Black.

It’s not necessarily the best apple for commercial growing. It’s only available for a short period of time, and its short stems tend to make the apple fall off the tree.

If you’d like to find some more readily available types of apples, try out some of our picks for the sweetest and juiciest apples.

3. Malay Apple

Malay apple

Malay apples can only be grown in tropical climates. You can eat them raw or use them to make wine.

4. Mamey Sapote

Mamey sapote

You’ll find mamey sapote trees mostly in Central America, although some people cultivate it in Florida and Cuba. It’s a common addition in frozen desserts in Latin American parts of the population.

5. Mammee Apple

Mammee apple

Mammee apples are related to mangosteens. It starts off hard, but softens as it ripens, making it easier to eat. Be careful it if you eat it, though, because the juice in the seeds can cause tough stains!

6. Mamoncillo


Mamoncillo is a type of soapberry. It has a thin green skin with orange and juicy innards. The flavor is described as being similar to wine.

7. Mandarin Orange

Mandarin orange

The Mandarin orange is quite possibly one of the most well-known orange types on the market. Many people eat it by itself as a snack or put it in fruit salads. Mandarin oranges also make a delicious juice.

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8. Mangaba


Mangaba fruits look like a cross between apples and oranges. These fruits come from a few South American countries.

9. Mango


Like apples, there are many types of mangoes. Overall, however, mangoes are some of the most widely sold fruits in the entire world.

If you want to learn more about how they’re grown, you can read our article about where mangoes are grown.

10. Mangosteen


You might guess, based on the name, that the mangosteen is a type of mango. It is actually its own kind of fruit that originally came from Asia.

It tends to have a sweet taste, but you can find out more about its flavor in our guide to what mangosteen tastes like.

11. Manila Tamarind

Manila tamarind

You’ll find the Manila tamarind in many southern countries around the world, including South American and Asian ones. In these countries, the pulp of its pods is eaten raw or in sugary beverages.

12. Maqui Berry

Maqui berries

The maqui berry is often available commercially, but it’s interesting to note that many of those for sale were actually harvested from the wild instead of being cultivated. Each mature tree can produce up to 22 pounds of berries per year.

Their taste is comparable to a blackberry.

13. Marang


Marang is the Filipino name for a fruit that comes from Borneo, Palawan, and Mindanao. Its scientific name contains the word “odor” in it, which is incredibly fitting, given its strong smell. Some say the smell is similar to durian.

You can get some more information about the smell of durian in our post about what durian tastes like.

14. Marionberry


Marionberry is a specific kind of blackberry. The flavor is overwhelmingly tart, but discerning tasters might notice underlying hints of sweet in it.

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15. Marula


This African fruit is quite important where it grows. Some use it to make beer, and others use it to make cosmetic supplies.

16. Margil Apple

Margil apple

Created in England in the 1700’s, the Margil apple has a powerful flavor. To this day, apple experts love to eat this fruit raw.

17. Maya Nut

The Maya nut has many other names among indigenous Central and South American peoples. It has seeds which are coated in a skin that tastes like citrus. You can cook the seeds or dry them out prior to eating them.

18. Mayapple


Mayapples like to grow in woodlands. Although they’re safe to eat when they’re fully ripe, it’s important to note that they’re toxic when they’re unripe.

19. Mayhaw

Mayhaw grows in some southern states in the United States. Because it often takes root along rivers and creeks, people frequently harvest it from the directly from the water. You make jelly out of it.

20. Maypop

Maypop has been a traditional natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia. However, there have been no reliable studies showing it has an impact on these conditions. You can use it to make a delicious jam or dessert, though!

21. McIntosh Apple


McIntosh is probably one of the most famous apples, appearing throughout pop culture. In fact, Macintosh computers were named after these apples.

They’re perfect all-around apples. You can eat them raw or use them in baking.

22. Medlar

Medlar fruit

Medlar fruit is very unique. It grows in the winter and can be incorporated into tons of recipes or eaten raw. Furthermore, it has been grown by humans for thousands of years.

23. Melinjo


Melinjo is a fruit that’s much more well-known in Indonesia. The seeds are used there to make soup and crackers.

24. Melon

Melon slices

There are many different kinds of melons in the world. In general, you can think of them as a large, fleshy fruit that tends to have a sweet flavor.

25.Merlot Grape

Merlot grapes

You might know the taste of Merlot grapes from various types of wine, such as Bordeux. These grapes are becoming increasingly popular, though, and the regions that grow them are expanding.

26. Meyer Lemon

The Meyer lemon originally came from China, but it was brought to the United States by man named Frank Meyer in the earlier 1900’s. To this day, however, it continues to be grown in containers in China.

27. Midyim

Midyim is the nickname of an Australian berry. In Australia, it’s a common bushfood among indigenous people.

28. Minneola Tangelo

Minneola tangelo slices

Tangelos are a hybrid of oranges or tangerines and pomelos or grapefruits. In particular, the minneola combines the features of a grapefruit and mandarin orange.

29. Miracle Fruit

Miracle fruit

The miracle fruit’s name might come from its magical ability to make sour foods taste sweet. Simply eat the berry right before eating something like a lemon, and it won’t be nearly as sour!

30. Mock Strawberry

Mock strawberry

Mock strawberry looks quite similar to a real strawberry, with some differences. For instance, it grows yellow flowers, while real strawberries grow white ones.

You can eat them, but some say they don’t taste as good as real strawberries.

31. Momordica


Momordica is an umbrella term for approximately 60 specific species of plants. One particular kind, bitter melon, has some research that shows it has medicinal properties, like antibiotic and antiviral properties.

32. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa fruit

Monstera plants are particularly well-known as container plants because they have beautiful leaves. They do, however, grow fruits with a pleasant aroma. These fruits are suitable for human consumption.

33. Mora de Castilla

Mora de Castilla

Mora de Castilla comes from South America. It’s a type of blackberry that works well in jelly, pastries, and juice.

34. Moriche Palm Fruit

Moriche palm fruit

Like the Mora de Castilla, moriche palm trees grow in South America. They grow scaly fruits that can be used to make desserts, wine, and juice.

35. Morinda

Morinda in basket

There are many types of Morinda plants. In some types of Asian medicine, they are considered important herbs.

36. Mountain Pepper

Mountain pepper

Also called Tasmanian pepperberry, the mountain pepper is commonly made into a spice. You can use it to accentuate the flavor in range of recipes, including curry.

37. Mountain Soursop

Mountain soursop

The mountain soursop is an Amazonian fruit. The plant grows on actually fruits all year long.

38. Mulberry

Mulberries in a bowl

There are numerous types of mulberry, but they tend to be divided into categories based on their color. Once they’re fully ripe, the fruits take on a sweet flavor.

39. Muscadine


Muscadine is a kind of grapevine. Like many other types of grapevines, you can use it to make wine and jelly.

40. Muskmelon

Muskmelon slices

Although muskmelons are more popular now, no one is entirely sure where they first came from. You can eat them fresh or grow them simply for their pleasing aroma.

Fruits that Start with M


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