Where are Mangoes Grown?

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Where are Mangoes Grown?

Mangoes are an underrated fruit. Many people keep common fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges around their homes, but you don’t hear about people purchasing mangoes as often.

Considering how sweet and aromatic they are, that’s a shame. The juicy texture of a mango could be perfect for picky eaters.

But just like how not as many people choose mangoes, not many people know much about their origins, either. We’ll talk about where mangoes are grown and where they’re originally from in this post.

Where are Mangoes Grown?

Mangoes are grown in a variety of countries. Some of the most common producers of mangoes include India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mexico.

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Which Country is the Largest Producer of Mango?

"By a huge margin, India is the world’s largest producer of mango."

By a huge margin, India is the world’s largest producer of mango. To put the margin into perspective, let’s discuss numbers.

Around 55 million tons of mangoes are produced in the world every year. Almost half of that comes from India, which generates around 22 million tons.

The runner-up, China, only produces 4.8 million tons of mango. That’s roughly a quarter of what India produces.

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Where are Mangoes Grown in the US?

Mangoes need a specific moist and tropical climate that isn’t commonly found in the US. Because of this, the United States doesn’t contribute much to the world’s mango industry.

In fact, North America as whole only contributes around ten percent to the world mango supply every year. The places in the United States where mangoes are successfully produced includes California, Hawaii, and Florida.

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Are Mangoes Grown in California?

Yes, there are mangoes grown in California. You won’t find the same extensive production of mangoes there that would you see in other countries, though.

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Where are Mangoes from Originally?

"The center of mango production in today’s world is actually where mangoes came from: India."

The center of mango production in today’s world is actually where mangoes came from: India. There is some evidence that shows mangoes have actually been grown in India for over 4,000 years.

Eventually, Portuguese explorers brought mangoes to Brazil and began cultivating them there. Since then, mangoes have continued to slowly spread all over the world.

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Wrap Up

Mangoes, a tropical fruit with Indian origins, are a delicious snack. The next time you’re at the grocery store, consider picking up a mango or two when you’re in need of something refreshing.

There are all kinds of recipes you can make with juicy mangoes. For something especially sweet and delicious, we recommend trying out this vegan mango gelato recipe.