Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review | Compare vs. Farberware

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T-fal is one of the more popular cookware brands on the market and in accordance with the latest trends, they’ve released their very own sets of ceramic cookware. One of their most popular ceramic cookware lines is the “Initiatives” set. Is this cookware worth the hype? We review Tfal Ceramic Cookware and compare it to one of the other most popular brands, Farberware.

Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

Let’s find out…

What are the Key Features of Tfal Ceramic Cookware?

As with most ceramic cookware, Tfal promises the following attributes of pieces of their ceramic sets. We’ll examine these attributes a bit further later and see if they hold up to scrutiny.

  • They claim that their ceramic is “scratch resistant” and thus is “suitable” for all sorts of cooking utensils. This is probably one of the most controversial claims because as with any pots and pans, a majority of complaints are related to scratching.
  • No extra fat is going to be required to cook things on the ceramic coating.
  • The pan is safe for high heat up to 570F and up to 350F in the oven. They’re also dishwasher safe.
  • Free of PTFE-free, PFOA, and Cadmium.
  • Compatible on all types of cook-tops, with the exception of induction.

What’s Great About this Cookware

For a majority of users, Tfal’s ceramic cookware should deliver as promised. This means that you’ll be able to cook with little to no fat and enjoy cookware that doesn’t stick. In our experience, ceramic has been a big upgrade over teflon as it cleans up much easier and truly does not stick for most things unless you severely overheat the food. So overall, we think that Tfal’s set like this one…

T-fal Cookw

T-fal Cookw G917SE64 Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Toxic Free 14-Piece Cookware Set, Black

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As with any product though, there are some downside to explore where the user experience may not necessarily match up with the advertising.​ Let’s explore some of these points below:

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Scratch Resistance Explored

One of the most common complaints that we see on nonstick ceramic cookware (including Tfal’s) is that the pots and pans themselves actually do get scratched over time. Manufacturer’s advertise that their products are scratch resistant and recommended for all utensils, but their user manuals don’t carry the same recommendation. Tfal’s user manual says the following:

While T-fal ceramic cookware interior surface is resistant to sratching, the use of plastic, silicone or wooden utensils is recommended for best long term results.

This means that these pots and pans must be handled with great care (as does all ceramic cookware). When it comes to caring for your cookware, trust the user manuals rather than the advertising. This doesn’t only mean that using the wrong utensils has the potential to scratch it, but also improper storage and cleaning can as well.

If you want this stuff to last you as long as possible make sure to take extra special care of it.

If you do, you’re likely to be more than satisfied Tfal’s ceramic cookware.​

This is typical among most enameled or nonstick cookware – including the ever popular Copper Chef and Gotham Steel.​

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How to Properly Care for Ceramic Nonstick Surfaces

At this point you might be wondering if its difficult to properly care for nonstick ceramic cookware. The answer is no. In order to avoid scratches you have to be mindful of three things:

Cooking​ Utensils

Stay away from metal utensils. Period. Silicone utensil are a great cheap alternative to metal, rubber, and plastic and won’t scratch up any of your cookware. Silicone sets such as this one [amazon fields=”B01J9YLVG4″ value=”link” tracking_id=”tctfalceramic-20″ title=”this one”] provide you with all of the utility you’ll need without the worry that you’ll eventually wear down your ceramic pots and pans.

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Stacking your cookware haphazardly is a recipe for disaster. Because you want the interior to remain scratch free, we recommend that you do your best to avoid placing the pots and pans inside of each other. Having the outside of pots and pans bang around on the interior can lead to scratches and scuffs over time. 


You’ll want to avoid using abrasive sponges or steel scrubbers. This is no-problem, since serious sticking is rare with ceramic cookware. Unless you really burn your food, you can usually just rinse and wipe stuff off with a paper towel. Still, “safe for nonstick surfaces” soaps are recommended. Even if the unit is dishwasher safe, the dishwasher isn’t good for longevity and the Tfal manual states that hand washing is recommended.

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Heat Resistance Explored

While the pans have a pretty high heat resistance, we’ve seen some users complain about the lids. It should be noted that the heat resistance usually only applies to the pots or pans themselves and not the lids. Getting the lids to a high heat has the potential to shatter them. Don’t get freaked out though, this is a semi-common complaint with many similar tiers of cookware.

Our recommendation is to follow all of the manufacturer’s guidelines very carefully and your lids should remain in tact.

Tfal vs. Farberware

Unsurprisingly, the Farberware Purecook set is quite similar to its Tfal counterpart. Most users will have very few complaints and thoroughly enjoy the ceramic non-stick experience. However, those who don’t follow the proper care guidelines are going to be disappointed. Again, the most common complaints are from chipping or scratching and this is simply from improper storage and care. Kitchen cookware bundles with similar prices, like Farberware and Tfal, will provide a similar experience. Many of the visual and functional differences are inconsequential.

Farberware actually includes some tools and utensils with their set, so no need to go out elsewhere and find a suitable replacement.


At the end of the day, we would recommend either Tfal or Farberware ceramic cookware sets. If you’re looking to cook with less grease and oil, both cookware sets will work near perfectly. As long as you take good care of them, you’ll enjoy non-stick cooking for years to come!

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