Can the Nutribullet Grind Oats into Flour? (Tested w/ Pictures)

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Wondering if the Nutribullet can grind oats into flour?

Can the Nutribullet Grind Oats into Flour?

Watch the video below or keep reading to see what happened…

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The answer is an absolute yes! 

I filled the Nutribullet cup about 3/4 of the way with quick oats and it ground it into a flour extremely quickly.

Here’s a photo of the flour forming a vortex as it gets sucked down towards the blades of the Pro 900…

grinding oats in the nutribullet

nutribullet oat flour close up

As the picture indicates, it’s just as fine as if you were to buy it from the store.

But if you buy the oats in bulk, it’s way cheaper!

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Although I used the Pro 900 here, any Nutribullet would be fine for oat flour.Even the standard 600 with the milling blade would work.

That being said, I think the Nutribullet 600 is a bit too weak in other areas and it’s worth splurging for the Pro 900 since it’s not that much more expensive.

The Pro 900 is really good at making thick smoothies and easy sauces.

Whenever I’ve tried to use the 600, it’s always a struggle to do things that come easily in the Pro 900.

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What Can You Do With Out Flour?

Personally, I like to use oat flour as a nutrient-richer alternative wherever I’d use all-purpose flour. 

It’s great for cookies, cakes, using as a thickener or simply throwing into smoothies!

I also reach for the oat flour whenever I cook or bake for my friend who is gluten-free.

It’s one of the few gluten-free flours out there that actually tastes good!

If you have a gluten intolerance, make sure you get oats that are certified gluten free.

Many of the non-certified brands are processed on shared equipment which poses a risk of cross-contamination.

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Any Nutribullet is great option for making oat flour at home.

In the long run, doing it this way is going to save you money than buying oat flour.

The machine is likely going to pay for itself well before it stops working. 

In the two+ years I’ve had mine, I’ve abused it quite a bit and yet it’s still going! For alternative options, considering check out our pick for the best Ninja blender.

Happy blending!