Ninja Supra vs Ninja Chef: Which One is Better?

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Ninja Supra vs Ninja Chef

Are you unsure whether the Ninja Supra or Ninja Chef is the better blender for you? Both are excellent blenders, which is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to choose between them.

We’ll help you make that decision by comparing them here. In this guide, you’ll learn what they have in common, what their differences are, and which factors you should consider before making your decision.

Ninja Supra vs. Ninja Chef Summary

One of Ninja’s more flexible models, the Supra is designed to be two appliances in one: a food processor and a blender. In addition to the large blending pitcher and food processor attachment, it comes with two to-go cups that you can blend personal drinks into and take on the road with you.

The Ninja Chef is sort of like Ninja’s answer to other high-end blenders. It has a powerful 1500-watt motor that can chew through the toughest ingredients. To ensure the blades don’t miss anything, it comes with a tamper that you can use to push any chunks down safely.

These blenders have very different intents. The Supra is created to be versatile, while the Chef is made to be a high-end blender. Our preference is for the Supra, simply because it has the flexibility to do anything you’d need it to.


Ninja Supra

Ninja Supra Kitchen System 1200 watts

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  • It comes with a food processor attachment that increases its versatility.
  • Includes two to-go cups for when you’re on the move.
  • A reasonably powerful 1200-watt motor can blend virtually anything smoothly.


Ninja Chef

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  • It can generally only be found renewed.
  • It has an amazingly powerful 1500-watt motor.
  • Ten different Auto IQ settings that can be used for a huge range of recipes
  • It comes with a tamper to ensure no ingredients are missed.

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BPA-Free Parts

Some people are cautious about eating or drinking out of plastic containers. This is because some plastic containers are made from BPA materials, a chemical linked to health issues like increased blood pressure.

If you’re trying to avoid BPA, you’ll appreciate the fact that these Ninja blenders are made from BPA-free materials. You can safely eat or drink out of them.


Have you ever had to clean a blender before? It can be a real hassle because you have to try and scrub the inside of the pitcher without nicking your fingers on the blades. The blades themselves can be challenging to clean because of all the ingredients caught on them.

You won’t necessarily need to do that with these Ninjas. Both come with dishwasher-safe parts, so the painful cleanup is reduced to an easy dishwasher cycle.

Blender Pitcher Capacity

Either one of these blenders comes topped with an extra-large blending pitcher. At 72 ounces, it has more than enough room to produce large batches for you.

This means that either blender can make enough for the whole family or your friends whenever you’re entertaining. You won’t need to blend more than one batch to ensure you have enough for everyone.

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The blender’s motor wattage affects how powerful it is. As the number of watts increases, so does the blender’s power.

In this comparison, the Ninja Chef is just a little bit stronger. It has a 1500-watt motor, which is powerful enough to slice through hard frozen ingredients.

The Supra’s 1200-watt motor is slightly weaker. However, 1200 watts still makes a powerful blender, and it won’t have any problem blending just about anything you’d need it to.

Ninja Chef Tamper

Many high-end blenders come with tampers. You can insert these tools into the blender, pushing any floating ingredients down into the blades. Using a tamper successfully can help guarantee that your mixtures are thoroughly blended every time.

You may not need to use it all the time, but it’s nice to have that extra assurance. With the tamper, you can always be sure that you won’t have any remaining chunks once you’re done using the blender.

The Supra does not come with a tamper.

Ninja Supra Food Processor

One of the most noticeable differences between these blenders is the Ninja Supra’s food processing attachment. Whereas the Chef only comes with a blending jar, the Supra has a couple of other attachments: a food processor.

You can bring out the food processor whenever something needs to be mixed or chopped. The food processor is so strong it can even make dough for you in as little as thirty seconds! This extra attachment gives the Supra additional utility, which means you’ll be able to find more ways to use it.

Ninja Chef Auto IQ Settings

Both blenders have a range of blend settings to choose from, but the Ninja Chef has more. It also has Auto IQ settings, which are clearly labeled and designed for use with specific types of recipes.

The Ninja Chef has a whopping ten different Auto IQ settings. These settings include smoothie, extract, frozen drink, flour, puree, dip, dressing, nut butter, soup, and ice cream programs.

Imagine how easy that makes using the blender. You won’t need to guess about which setting to use for a recipe; you can select the correct Auto IQ program and let the Chef take care of it for you.

Ninja Supra To-Go Cups and Lids

Large blending pitchers are nice, but they’re not always feasible depending on how much food you need. If all you want is to make a single smoothie or frozen drink, using a huge pitcher can be a little awkward.

That’s exactly why the Ninja Supra comes with two single-serve cups. Because you can blend directly into them, you can prepare a drink for yourself without having to deal with cleaning a large pitcher afterward.

Plus, these cups come with lids. When you’re ready to go, you can just screw on a lid and hit the road mess-free.

Ninja Chef Timer

The Ninja Chef makes things even easier for you with its timer. This will give you an idea of how long you have left when you use the Auto IQ settings.

Of course, you can also use the timer to help you time the manual settings like a pulse. Using the timer in this way will help you perfect your own recipes because you’ll be able to see how long it took to blend them.

Ninja Supra Single-Serve Button

As we mentioned earlier, the Ninja Supra comes with to-go cups to make personal-sized portions. To make preparing personal drinks even easier, it also has a Single-Serve button.

When you blend into one of the cups, you can press the Single-Serve button with no need to fuss with other settings. It’s just an extra convenient touch that can help save you a little time.

Ninja Chef Clean Mode

Earlier in this post, we talked about how these Ninja blenders have dishwasher-safe parts. This aspect helps save you time because you won’t need to wash them by hand if you don’t want to.

The Ninja Chef takes it a step further, however. In addition to being safe for washing in your dishwasher, it has a Clean button. Just put in some water and a little dish soap to use this mode, then press the button. The Chef will then clean itself by turning its blades, making cleaning even easier.

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Which One is Better?

We’ve compared a lot of Ninja blenders, but no others get as different from each other as the Supra and the Chef. Because there are so many differences, you’ll have a lot to look at when you decide which one to get.

For instance, if you’re going to be blending tougher ingredients more often, like ice and frozen fruits or veggies, you’ll want a blender with more motor power. In this case, that would be the Ninja Chef.

Another aspect to consider is what you’d like to use the blender for. If you’re going to make smoothies or personal drinks, the Ninja Supra’s to-go cup attachments will be preferable.

Furthermore, those looking for a versatile blender that they can use as a food processor will want the Supra. Its food processing attachment gives you just a little additional flexibility in use.

But if what you want is a basic blender that can handle pretty much anything you need it to, the Chef could be the choice for you. It doesn’t have a food processing attachment, but it has ten Auto IQ settings that allow it to be used in many recipes.

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We like the Ninja Supra more for its versatility. However, if all you need is a blender, the Chef’s power and range of settings will make it the better choice for you.

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