Vitamix 780 vs E320/E310 Explorian (With Helpful Chart)

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This guide compares the Vitamix E310/E320 vs the Pro 780. If you’re trying to decide between these two or three blenders, you’re in the right place.

Vitamix 780 vs E320/E310 Explorian

Below you’ll find…

  • Detailed comparison chart featured the Vitamix E310, E320 and the Pro 780.
  • Our opinion on which to buy based on years of experience.
  • Important videos that showcase these models.

Let’s begin!

Comparison Chart

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Vitamix 780 Blender, Black



Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black



Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender Red


2.0 Peak HP

  • Tamper
  •  Cookbook
  • Motor Base
  • Container


12.5 lbs

10.5 lbs

17.25 x 8.8 x 9 in

11 x 8 x 18 in.

4.5 – ft



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Which Should You Buy?

The difference between the 780 and the E310/E320 is that the Explorian has a more bare-bones interface and slightly weaker motors.

Additionally, the E310 has a shorter standard warranty and smaller container than the 780 (at 5 years) while the E320 comes with the standard 7-year warranty and 64 oz low profile container.

If you’re single, living an apartment, or sure you’re only going to be blending for yourself, I would for sure pick the Explorian E310 over the 780.

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Even though it has a lower amount of horsepower, it’s still more than enough to make all the great Vitamix staples: Smoothies, soups, nice cream, etc.

At the time of writing this, I also found the price difference between the 780 and E310 to be pretty substantial.

So even with the shorter warranty, I think the E310 is a better choice unless you’re going to be blending for a lot of people and need the 64 oz container.

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