Top 10 Best Blenders with Glass Jar & Pitchers

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Best Blenders with Glass Jar & Pitchers

For some, the look of a blender with a plastic pitcher is undesirable. Given that plastic can get scuffed and stained over time, it’s no wonder that these people find themselves searching everywhere for blenders with glass instead.

Glass is shiny, sturdy-feeling, and often simply looks better. We’ve done a little searching, and found the best blenders with glass jars or pitchers. We’ll also explain how to pick a good glass blender, and tell you our favorite as well as why we think it’s the best blender.

Let’s dive right in.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender A
KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender B+
Braun WHS PureMix Power Countertop Blender B
Oster Pro 1200 Blender A
Oster Beehive Blender A
Oster 6 Cup Glass Jar Blender A
Waring Commercial Bar Blender B+
Instant Ace Plus Cooking Blender A
Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Blender A

Best Blenders with Glass Jars and Pitchers

1. Hamilton Beach SoundShield Blender

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This powerful blender with a 950-watt motor allows users to enjoy a strong blender that will rival anyone in a restaurant. Thanks to the one-touch programs, as well as the 5-speed controls, you will be able to easily and quickly blend anything and enjoy the perfect consistency.

The glass jar ensures that you don’t have any odors that linger, unlike a plastic jar. It is also incredibly easy to clean so that you don’t spend all of your time trying to scrub it out.


  • It’s easy to switch between the travel jar and the 52-ounce glass jar.
  • Even with the large jar, this blender will fit underneath your cabinet.
  • Enjoy a quieter blend, thanks to the muffled chambers and sound-reducing shield.
  • Has a drip-free pour spout so you can pour without making a mess.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make it a breeze to clean.


  • There are some complaints of food in the blender not falling towards the blades, but rather spinning higher up in the jar.
  • Some users have had problems with the blender not being able to easily handle frozen fruits and vegetables.

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2. KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender

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Unlike other blenders that will sometimes move so much that the lid comes loose, this KitchenAid is specifically designed so that the lid doesn’t wiggle free, no matter how much liquid or how many hard vegetables you are trying to blend. You can rely on the durable seal to keep all liquids contained in the blender, and you won’t have to worry about the strength and durability of your blades.

Its 48-ounce glass jar is a little more modestly sized, but it’s still more than sufficient for simple blending tasks. Additionally, it has an impressive stainless steel blade system that makes it one tough blender.


  • The glass jar is incredibly durable and can withstand very hot or cold foods without being damaged.
  • The blender has a lot of motor power that can easily churn through frozen fruits and veggies without any problems.


  • Some users have reported problems with the rubber ring inside the blender being difficult to clean and trapping odors.
  • There are some reports that the blender does not do a very good job crushing ice.

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3. Braun WHS PureMix Power Countertop Blender

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix Power Countertop Blender with Thermal Resistant Glass Jug, 56 Fl. Oz, White

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This blender is great if you want to be able to blend very smooth smoothies or purees and don’t want to have to worry about there being a chunk in the final product.

It’s not only easy to use and clean, but it operates at the touch of a button, which allows you to use it quickly without having to worry about preparing it for use. Additionally, the rubber coating on the power drive helps to reduce the sound that the blender makes, which is great if you want to enjoy a quieter appliance.


  • The blender is very easy to assemble.
  • Thanks to rubberized feet, you don’t need to worry about the blender slipping.
  • The glass jar is easy to clean and very temperature resistant.


  • Some users have reported chunks of food not getting caught in the vortex and that blending is difficult.
  • There are some reports about blender smoking when in use.

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4. Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup and Food Processor Attachment, Brushed Nickel - BLSTMB-CBF-000

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This blender doesn’t just boast a strong and durable glass jar, but it also comes with a smoothie cup, as well as a food processor, which ensures that you can easily blend or chop any food that you want without problems. You’ll love the 3 pre-programmed settings, as well as the ability to pulse for better control over how well blended your food is when you are all done. If you want to see more blenders like this, you can read our guide on the best blender food processor combo.

Not only is this blender powerful, but it is also very attractive, and the stainless steel finish is very easy to wipe clean if you have made a mess in the kitchen. As the name implies, it has an amazingly strong 1200-watt motor with more than enough power for blending your toughest ingredients.

The Pro 1200 is undoubtedly one of the best blenders with a glass jar out there. We couldn’t resist putting something like the Pro 1200 on this list.


  • One of the strongest blenders on this list.
  • The durable blades are specifically designed to power through any ingredients without being worn down or breaking.
  • It’s incredibly easy to attach the food processor to the blender if you need to switch.
  • Has a 6 cup boroclass glass jar that’s durable.
  • Capable of crushing ice.
  • Uses a long-lasting all-metal drive.


  • There are reports of the blender cup beginning to leak along the top.
  • Some users have had problems with the blade and smoothie cup becoming stuck, which will prevent you from being able to use the blender.

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5. Oster Beehive Blender

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The Oster Beehive Blender is yet another example of one of the most attractive and tough blenders with glass jars. Speaking of glass jars, the glass jar on top of this blender is resistant to thermal shock and extreme temperature changes.

Within the base, there’s a Duralast all-metal drive that’s built to withstand daily wear and tear and the test of time. It also has a reasonably powerful 1000-watt motor that has the ability to crush ice.

Compared with some other options out there, it can be pretty affordable too. The blending power you get with it, it’s a nice value.


  • Topped with a glass jar that’s resistant to thermal shock.
  • The all-metal drive is designed to last for years to come.
  • Has stainless steel blades that bring a lot of power to the blending.
  • The base is sturdy and die-cast.
  • Can be quite affordable.


  • There are some reports that the blender gets rather noisy.
  • Although it doesn’t look like it, the base is actually made from plastic.

6. Oster 6 Cup Glass Jar Blender

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On top of being attractive, it should go without saying that this Oster blender comes topped with a glass jar. As far as a blender with a glass jar goes, it’s got a decent amount of motor power, too.

With a 700-watt motor that can blend at 450-watts, it has plenty of power for your daily blending needs. Furthermore, it has a lot of pre-programmed settings to choose from, which makes blending even easier, because you can essentially just push a button and let the Oster go from there.


  • Large capacity 6 cup glass jar.
  • Has 12 different speeds for you to customize your blending.
  • Comes with a filler cap that doubles as a measuring cup.
  • Uses the standard Oster all-metal drive that’s built to last.
  • Capable of pulverizing ice for you.
  • Available in two different colors.


  • A few owners have noted that it can seem to struggle when there is a lot of ice in the glass jar.

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7. Waring Commercial Bar Blender

Waring Commercial BB900G 1/2 HP Chrome Bar Blender with 40-Ounce Glass Container

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The glass jar has markings on it that are very easy to read and make measuring ingredients fast and easy. Thanks to the fact that the removable parts of this blender are dishwasher safe, you can easily put them in the dishwasher and cut down on the time that you have to spend washing dishes.

Additionally, you can choose between high and low blending speeds to adjust your blending, chopping, or pureeing to make a final product that is perfect for you. At 9-pounds, this blender is light enough to move easily but heavy enough that it won’t move around on the counter when it is turned on.


  • There are no plastic parts that will be touching the food unless it flies up and hits the lid, making all parts that contact food BPA-free.
  • This blender is very durable and has been built to last for a long time without breaking, due to the glass and metal parts.


  • There have been some reports of the blender catching on fire when in use.
  • Some users have had problems with the plastic cap in the lid breaking.

8. Instant Ace Plus Cooking Blender

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Instant Ace may not be the most well-known blender company on the market today, but this Instant Ace Plus blender is still one solid option. Of course, it’s also a blender with a glass jar.

Aside from the fact that it’s one of the best blenders with glass jars, its amazing 1300-watt motor is worth mentioning. This high level of wattage means it has an equally high level of power, leading to it being able to make short work of any blending task.

Best of all, out of all the glass jar blenders on this list, this is only one of a couple that has a heating element. That means it’s capable of heating your food while it blends. It’s an ideal blender for making comforting recipes such as soups.


  • Has a generously sized BPA-free glass jar.
  • The built-in heating element can heat your food while blending.
  • This blender has a 1300-watt motor with a lot of power.
  • It uses a bunch of easy pre-programmed settings, one of which is even designed specifically for crushing ice.
  • Comes with a strainer bag that you can use to make rice, oat, soy, or nut milk.
  • Powerful stainless steel blades that are perfect for crushing and grinding.


  • Some users have said the glass jar is a little heavy.

9. Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Blender

Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor, Brushed Chrome, 3 cup, count of 6

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If you’re looking for a blender that comes from a brand well-known at home, the Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Blender could be exactly what you’re looking for. Frankly, its motor is far from the most powerful one on this list, but we felt it was still worth mentioning.

It has a glass jar, of course, but it also comes with a food processor attachment which you can use to greatly expand your kitchen’s menu. The blender even has a function designed to help you crush ice, which is a notoriously stubborn ingredient in blending.


  • Is both a glass jar blender and a food processor.
  • The jar has a generous 48-ounce capacity.
  • Has several user-friendly pre-programmed settings, including an ice crush setting.
  • Durable die-cast metal housing.


  • The motor in this glass jar blender isn’t as strong as with some other options on this list.
  • This glass jar blender is kind of loud.

10. Ninja Foodi

When it comes to the world of high-power blenders, Ninja is one of the best companies you can trust. This Ninja Foodi blender shows off the ingenuity of the Ninja brand quite nicely.

For one thing, it has an amazing 1400-watt motor, which is more than enough power to whip through some of your harder ingredients, such as ice. On top, you’ll find it has a large capacity and BPA-free glass jar that can hold up to 56-ounces of liquid.

It’s a remarkably versatile blender. Like higher-end Vitamix blenders, it comes with a tamper that you can use to push stuck chunks down into the blades.


  • Its glass jar is made from premium and nonstick glass.
  • One of the most versatile glass jar blenders available, because it can make hot and cold recipes.
  • Has a strong motor with the ability to deal with tough ingredients like ice.
  • Integrated heated cleaning mode that makes tidying up easy.
  • Includes a tamper you can use to ensure no pieces are left behind.
  • Comes with a brush that makes cleaning around the blades completely safe and cut-free.


  • You cannot completely submerge the blender for cleaning due to the electronic parts in it.
  • Some have said the glass jar is quite heavy.

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What to Consider When Buying a Blender with a Glass Pitcher

Type of Glass

The first consideration you should have as you look for a glass jar blender is what kind of glass is used in the jar. Some types of glass are more durable than others, which is why it’s important to think about in order to ensure you get the best blender.

The reason that the average blender uses a plastic jar is that it won’t shatter. With a glass jar blender, breaking would be a very real possibility unless certain design precautions were taken.

For instance, glass is vulnerable to thermal shock, which is when an extreme change in temperature causes it to break. Make sure you check the description for each blender to confirm that the glass in its jar is resistant to thermal shock. As an example, tempered glass is a great option.

You can check the description for other glass qualities, too, such as shatterproof glass. Glass pitchers made with shatterproof glass are tough enough to endure blending hard ingredients like ice cubes or nuts.

Motor Power

Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not each blender has a powerful motor. This is usually measured in blending watts. A blender that has a motor with more watts can spin its blades at a high speed.

Of course, a higher speed translates to quality blending. You’ll be able to make perfectly smooth drinks, soup, or nut butter in a blender with a high wattage.

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell how powerful the motor is. You can typically find this information right at the top of the product description for the blender.

Blending Settings

All blenders are more than just their jar – even glass jar blenders, which are often prized specifically for their jars. In addition to the jar material, you should factor in how many different blend settings the blender gives you access to.

The best blenders will usually have plenty of options for you to choose from. It might have several pre-programmed settings, such as buttons designed for blending hard ingredients like ice or settings for making smoothies. These pre-programmed settings are great for taking the guesswork out of some blending jobs.

Some even have ice-crushing settings. This kind of setting, available in many blender models, is perfect for making delicious fruit smoothies, which often include ice.

But if you need a little bit more control over the blending process, a quality blender will also have manual speed settings that let you tweak the intensity of the blend. Many good blenders will also have a pulse option, which is ideal for when you need a more precise blend texture. A pulse feature is often a must-have for the best glass jar blender.

You can tell what kind of settings the manufacturer included by checking the control panel. Most blender listings will have pictures of the front that you can zoom in on.

Blade Assembly

One other aspect that could affect your decision is how the blades are designed. The blades of a blender are one of the most important parts.

Generally, the blades in most blenders are made from stainless steel, but there are some aspects you can pay attention to. If you thought, for example, that all blades were the same quality, you’d be surprised. Try checking the product description of each blender for qualities such as heavy-duty or hardened stainless steel.

These keywords indicate that you might have found a winner. The goal is to find the best blender, after all, so you’ll need to look at the blades to help you determine which blender is best.

Jar Capacity

The size of your blending jar clearly impacts how much you can blend at once. Like the blades, it’s an important part of the blender – if not the most important.

Before you pick a blender, factor in how many servings you’re likely to make at once. If you’re planning to do is make smoothies for yourself, then you don’t need a massive 72-ounce pitcher.

But if your plan is to make desserts or meals to share with your whole family or your friends, your blending pitcher will need to have plenty of space inside it. A large pitcher allows you to make more at once.

Frequently Asked Glass Blender Questions

Are Glass Blenders Better Than Plastic?

You might be asking yourself, “why get a blender with a glass jar?” When plastic jars are more common, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if they’re really that bad.

No, plastic jars aren’t necessarily bad, but there are some benefits that glass jar options offer. For example, consider how a plastic Tupperware container smells after you put food in it. The same can happen in a plastic jar.

Glass doesn’t retain food odors. A blender jar made from glass isn’t going to hold onto smells after use, which is the first benefit.

Another thing people like about a glass container as opposed to a plastic one is that they have a classy look. You might think this doesn’t matter, but keep in mind that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your kitchen. It’s probably a place you’ve put some effort into decorating, so why not have a blender there that looks good?

Furthermore, a plastic jar can get scratched over time by scrubbing or by ice bumping into the sides. This isn’t an issue with glass jars.

Are Ninja Blenders Glass or Plastic?

Are you considering buying a Ninja blender? If you are, make sure you check out our guide to the best Ninja blender before making your decision.

We’ll also answer another common Ninja question here: are Ninja blenders glass or plastic? The answer is actually both!

It really depends on which model you choose. It’s safe to say that the majority of Ninja blenders are plastic, but there are some options with glass pitchers. We even included one on our list : the Ninja Foodi.

Is Boroclass Glass Safe?

If you’ve looked at a lot of blenders with glass pitchers, you’ve probably come across the phrase “boroclass glass” at least once. So what exactly is boroclass glass, and is it safe?

That’s an excellent question. We did some digging to find the answer for you.

Boroclass glass, also called borosiclate glass, is a type of glass that has boric oxide in it. The addition of boric oxide gives the glass the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, which is precisely why boroclass containers are commonly used for scientific instruments.

It used to be more common in kitchen appliances, but it’s kind of expensive to make. That’s you won’t see boroclass glass in a blender much anymore, but if you find one that does use boroclass, you can be sure it’s safe.

Wrap Up

So, which is the best blender on this whole list? That’s a tough question to ask, but we’re prepared to answer.

In terms of which blender is the best, we’d pick the Ninja Foodi. We feel it gives you the greatest combination of versatility and power on the list. We also love that it comes with a tamper; it’s just like a Vitamix, but at a more modest price.

To learn more on blender options, you may be interested in our article on the best Vitamix alternative.