5 Blender with Dispenser Spout Options for Easy Serving

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Looking for a blender with dispenser spout?

You're in the right place.

Here are 5 solid options that will let you dispense your blended creations without actually pouring them for an easy serving experience.

Let's get to the blenders.

1. Hamilton Beach 500 Watt Wave Station Express 54618H

Hamilton Beach 500 Watt Wave Station Express Dispensing Countertop Blender, Red

This powerful blender from Hamilton Beach offers a revolutionary action and motion to ensure that all of your ingredients will be forced down to the blades, which means that you won’t have to use a tamper to push them down.

This makes blending a lot faster and easier and ensures that when you dispense the drinks that you made, they will pour easily out of the dispenser and won’t cause a clog. Unlike other types of blenders that have dispensers, this blender has four different speeds that you can choose from, as well as pulse settings, which makes getting your drink as smooth as possible without problems an easy task.

The patented blades are stainless steel and designed specifically to cut through ice and other frozen ingredients without any problems. This means that you can enjoy a frosty beverage without having to add whole cubes of ice at a later time.

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2. Gibson Home Better Chef Dispensing Blender

With two speeds, plus an optional pulse feature, you can easily blend your drinks to a fine consistency before using the dispenser to fill your glasses. The 6-cup jar on this blender is large enough to handle a lot of drinks all at once very easily, which ensures that you and all of your friends or family members will have a drink when you are together.

You can count on the stainless steel blades to be able to power through fresh or frozen fruit, as well as ice, so you don’t need to worry about chunky drinks or about your blender’s motor wearing out. If you do have problems with the blender not having enough power to easily puree or blend ingredients, then use the smoothie stick to tamp down ingredients and make sure that they reach the blades for fast and even blending.

The dispenser is very easy to use and has a large paddle on top that makes it simple for even small children to serve themselves a smoothie or other blended drink. Clear measurements on the side of the glass jar means that you can easily measure ingredients while you are adding them to the blender, which will reduce the amount of time that you spend preparing your drinks. While this blender is a great option for smoothies and other drinks, it can easily be used to make salsa, sauces, and even cream. 

This makes it a workhorse in the kitchen and a great choice for anyone who wants a multi-use blender.

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Ovente Kitchen BLH1000B Professional Blender, 1000W, Black by Ovente Kitchen

VillaWare V5785 Smoothie Bar Blender and Server, Stainless Steel

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