Where Does Jackfruit Grow? (ANSWERED)

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Where does jackfruit grow?

If you really love jackfruit, you may be wondering whether it grows anywhere near you. In fact, you might want to try growing it yourself! We’ve taken the guesswork out of a random search for “where does jackfruit grow?” with helpful answers below.

Primary Places Where Jackfruit Grows

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Most of the world’s jackfruit supply is grown in India, but it’s cultivated in many other hot, humid areas as well. For example, you can find them growing in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Caribbean, Mexico, hot regions in the US, and Australia.

Where in the US Does Jackfruit Grow?

Jackfruit grows in a few different places in the US—namely in areas that get a similar tropical climate to the locales mentioned above. Most of the jackfruit trees in the US grow in Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Where in India Does Jackfruit Grow?

Most of the jackfruit in India is grown in and around Karnataka and Kerala, though Goa is catching up quickly. You’ll also find them in Bihar, Deoria, West Bengal, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Konkan, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Orissa and Tamil Nadu.

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What Growing Zones Are Ideal for Jackfruit?

Jackfruit thrives in USDA growing zones 9 through 12. It needs heat, sunshine, humidity, and rich soil. This isn’t a tree that can tolerate any kind of drought, so you’ll need to be in a locale that gets plenty of rainfall too. Either that, or be prepared to water it like crazy on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine, there are a lot of questions to ask about where jackfruit grows, as well as details on how to grow it. We’ve gathered some research for you on these topics below.

Can You Grow Jackfruit in California?

Hypothetically, yes. Jackfruit has the potential to grow anywhere from Humboldt or Redding to San Diego. This region is in USDA zone 9b, which is within these trees’ growing range.

The factor that could hold them back from thriving is the lack of rainfall. As you may know, this area is extremely prone to droughts and fires. In fact, the wildfires that tore through that area in 2020 took out over 4 million acres. It would be devastating to start a jackfruit grove only to have it obliterated by flame.

If you live in a more protected region, or you have access to a lot of water to keep your trees hydrated, then definitely give them a try!

Can You Grow Jackfruit in Georgia?

You should be able to, provided that you live south of Savannah. The growing zone and humidity level are both within range for growing the fruit. You’ll just need to offer them nourishing soil and a lot of light, so don’t grow them close to any other trees that may shade them out.

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Can You Grow Jackfruit in a Pot?

Yes, provided that you choose dwarf varieties and use very large pots. Golden Nugget, Black Gold, and J-31 are a few of the cultivars that can be treated as dwarves. You’ll still need to prune them back, but they can be maintained at 8–10 feet tall. This makes them ideal for growing in greenhouses or solariums.

Can You Grow Jackfruit in Louisiana?

It’s possible to grow jackfruit in the coastal regions south of New Orleans and Lake Charles. The heat and high humidity should be sufficient for cultivating these heat-loving trees. You just need to make sure they’re very well fed as they grow.

Can You Grow Jackfruit in Texas?

The areas south of Houston and San Antonio are hypothetically hot enough to grow jackfruit. Problems arise when it comes to their water needs, however, much like in California. Since rainfall can be scarce, you would need to provide your trees with irrigation and regular drenching for them to thrive.

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Can You Grow Jackfruit in Arkansas?

Unfortunately you can’t grow jackfruit outdoors in this state. The hottest regions in Arkansas only get to zone 8a, which is too cold for jackfruit to thrive. The only way you’d be able to cultivate them there is if you grew them in a greenhouse/hothouse.


Can You Grow Jackfruit in Michigan?

Oh my gravy, no. The likelihood of jackfruit surviving in Michigan is about the same as an avocado tree growing merrily in Alaska. Not gonna happen. Sure, Michigan gets a lot of rainfall, but its zone 5b temperatures make it inhospitable for this tropical fruit. Even with a greenhouse, you’d need to provide a ridiculous amount of heat and light for them to be able to survive.

If you go this route, you’ll have to keep the heat at a constant. 80F/26.7C with a humidity level of 88% to keep the trees alive.

Can You Grow Jackfruit in Colorado?

Colorado is just as cold as Michigan, with an average USDA zone of around 5b or 6a. As a result, there’s no way you could grow a jackfruit outside there. In theory, you could be able to cultivate

Can You Grow Jackfruit in Florida?

Absolutely! Most of the jackfruits grown in the US are cultivated in Florida. They grow best south of Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, where the USDA grow zone eases from 9b to 10a.

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Can You Grow Jackfruit in Oklahoma?

Only in greenhouses. Oklahoma’s USDA zone ranges between 6a and 7b, which means that it’s far too chilly for these tropical trees to thrive outdoors.

Hopefully now that you know the answer to “where does jackfruit grow?”, you’ll be able to make some great decisions about cultivating your own garden. In fact, you’ll be able to share this info with friends and family members too. If you can’t grow jackfruit in your own yard, maybe some people you know in a hotter area can grow some and send it to you in exchange for local foraged items or preserves.

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