Where to Find Hearts of Palm in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to Find Hearts of Palm in the Grocery Store

Looking all over the grocery store for hearts of palm? Here are the aisles you should find them in…

We’ll also tell you which stores are most likely to carry them…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Hearts of Palm In?

Heart of Palm on Jars

Your best bet is to look for canned hearts of palm in the canned vegetable aisle. If you don’t see them there, check the condiment aisle.

You may also see them fresh in the produce department, but this is probably not the case for most grocery stores. Still, it’s worth a look.

Last stop is the international aisle. But if you haven’t been able to find hearts of palm anywhere, try one of the stores below…

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What Stores Sell Hearts of Palm?

  • Amazon – The easiest way to find hearts of palm might be online. Check Amazon for a ton of options.
  • Walmart – Walmart carries Roland, Badia and other brands in the canned food aisle. Check the store locator if you’re looking for a particular brand in your area.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods has store brand hearts of palm in the canned goods aisle.
  • Your Local Health Food Store – It’s pretty likely that your local natural food store has canned or jarred hearts of palm.
  • Safeway – At Safeway the hearts of palm are in the canned vegetable aisle.
  • Target – If you’re near a Target, look for hearts of palm around the canned and packaged foods.
  • Kroger – Kroger stocks hearts of palm with the canned vegetables.
  • Publix – Look for brands like Goya and Vigo at Publix supermarkets.
  • Latin Markets – Check any Latin market for hearts of palm.

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Great Ways to Use Hearts of Palm

Make Vegan Ceviche

Hearts of palm are often used in mock fish recipes since they have such a suitable texture. Try a vegan ceviche appetizer or a mock tuna salad for sandwiches.

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Use Them in Tacos

The dense, crisp texture of the heart of palm is great for tacos. Try marinating and sauteing them or frying (or baking) breaded hearts of palm for Baja faux fish tacos.

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Make a Dip

If you want a totally new dip idea, make one with hearts of palm. This can be a nice change from hummus, and you can get pretty creative with the flavors since hearts of palm are so mild.

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