Where to Buy Soybeans and Find Them in the Grocery Store

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Where to Buy Soybeans and Find Them in the Grocery Store

Are you struggling to find soybeans in your area? They can be tricky to find, but you can look at a few places.

We’ll show you where to buy soybeans and find them in the grocery store here. First, we’ll provide you with some links you can use to order them online in the below table. Afterward, we’ll tell you which stores to check and where to check in those stores…

Product Name Good For
Soymerica Non-GMO Soybeans If You Need Bulk
Pinstar Supply Premium Grade Non-GMO Soybeans If You’re Looking for Non-GMO
Laura Soybeans If You Want USA-Grown
Sincerely Nuts Roasted Soybeans If You’re Searching for a Healthy Snack


1. Amazon

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can find soybeans on Amazon. You can click any of the links in the above table to see for yourself.

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2. Kroger

If you have one nearby, consider dropping in at Kroger. They could have some organic Shiloh Farms Yellow Soybeans on their shelves.

3. Safeway

Your local Safeway may have a certain type of soybeans, edamame, in the store. They carry several different brands, including Melisa’s and Birds Eye edamame.

4. Publix

Publix will probably have some soybeans for you, too. If they do, odds are, you’ll find they have canned Eden Organic Black Soybeans.

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5. Walmart

If you were to make a dash to the closest Walmart, you could probably find soybeans there. Several different brands are available, including Larissa and Be Still Farms soybeans.

6. Fresh Market

Fresh Market could have soybeans, too. If you were to look, you might find they have a mix of Eden Shiro Miso, Rice, and Soybeans on sale.

You can learn more about shiro miso in our guide on where to find white miso in the grocery store.

7. Wegmans

Another store you can check is Wegmans. Your local Wegmans may have canned Eden Organic Black Soybeans.


Knowing which stores to check is only half the battle. Now you need to know where exactly to go once you’ve stepped through the stores’ front doors.

That depends on the type of soybeans the store is carrying. Canned soybeans could be in the canned vegetable aisle.

If your store happens to have bags of soybeans, then you should head over to the beans and grains aisle. You’ll likely find the bags there. You can also check the produce section.

soybeans in sack


There are plenty of places to get soybeans. Once you get your hands on some, there are plenty of things to do with them, including making homemade soy milk.

If you weren’t able to find soybeans at any of your local grocery store chains, remember you can always buy them online, as well. Check out the table at the beginning of this post for links to order them through.