Where to Buy Dandelion Greens (And Which Grocery Store Aisle They’re in)

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Where to Buy Dandelion Greens

Many people go their entire lives thinking dandelion is just a pesky weed in your garden. We’re here to tell you that it can be so much more, with numerous recipes that transform it.

Some recipes like to use the dandelion leaves, called dandelion greens. If you’re interested but don’t have any growing nearby, we’ll be showing you where to buy dandelion greens.

You can also click on the links in the below table to order some dandelion components online.

Product Name Good For
Frontier Co-Op Dandelion Leaf If You’re Looking for Bulk
Garnet Stem Dandelion Seeds If You Want to Grow Your Own
Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Dandelion Tea If You’d Prefer to Drink It


1. Kroger

Whenever we’re looking for a particular kind of food, Kroger is one of the first places we check. This huge national grocery chain usually has just about everything you need. You can find organic red dandelion greens on their shelves.

2. Albertsons

Don’t forget to check Albertsons if you have one within a reasonable distance. There’s a chance they may also have similar organic dandelion greens in stock.

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3. HEB

HEB is a popular grocery store chain in many parts of the country. They have all kinds of fresh produce in their stores, including these dandelion greens.

4. Whole Foods

When you’re on the lookout for wholesome food, one of the first stores to come to mind is Whole Foods, of course. They’re an excellent source of organic and fresh food. We were able to find organic dandelion greens in bundles there.

5. Safeway

Even if you don’t have any of the groceries mentioned above, stores within driving distance, you may have a Safeway. If so, we strongly recommend stopping in. Chances are, they’ll have fresh dandelion greens available.

6. Your Own Yard

Depending on where you live, the odds are good that you’ll have dandelions growing in your yard at certain times of the year. If you do, then there’s no need to go out to a store and pay for them – you can harvest them right from your lawn!

There are all sorts of things you can make from your dandelions. You can even make tasty dandelion tea from them.

7. Amazon

We understand that some people living in remote places may not access common grocery store chains. In that case, you can still get dandelions – you may need to order them online through sites like Amazon. You can get a Frontier Co-Op Dandelion Leaf mix to try out.


Generally, grocery stores that have dandelion greens keep them in the produce aisle. These are delicate greens that need to be stored properly. You’ll likely find them near other leafy greens and lettuce.

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Can you buy dandelion greens at the store?

Dandelion greens can be a little challenging to find because it’s not as common to eat them in the US as other leafy greens like lettuce and spinach. However, there are plenty of stores that do sell dandelion greens. You can find quite a few of them on our list.

Even if there aren’t stores in your area that sell them, you can always grow your dandelions and harvest them for their leaves.

Can I pick dandelion greens from my yard?

Do you have dandelions growing in your yard? If so, it’s entirely safe for you to harvest them and eat their leaves – it will just take a little time for you to gather them.

To harvest dandelion greens, pick off their smaller leaves. Be sure to eat them ASAP, because as we mentioned earlier, they’re quite delicate and don’t have a long shelf life.

Remember that you should also avoid picking dandelions from public parks, gardens, or trails. These areas may be treated with pesticides or other chemicals that wouldn’t be safe for you to consume.

How long do dandelion greens last?

Dandelion greens are finicky. We recommend storing them in your fridge immediately after picking them up. You can keep them in a plastic bag in your crisper.

If they’re stored this way, you can expect them to last for anywhere from a couple of days to a week. It’s better to use them as soon as possible, though, so if you’re harvesting them fresh from your property, plan to harvest them right before you’re going to use them.

Can you buy frozen dandelion greens?

We haven’t come across frozen dandelion greens in our search, but it’s possible to freeze fresh ones yourself. If you’d like to preserve some dandelion greens by freezing them, there’s a bit of a process you’ll need to do first. 

Start by blanching your greens. Once they’ve been blanched, seal them up in a plastic freezer bag. Ensure all the air is squeezed out of the bag before sealing it. After sealing it up, put the bag in your freezer.

Expect your dandelion greens to last for up several months to a year in your freezer. That will give you plenty of time to use them!


Dandelion greens are a great way to spice up your salad routine. Plus, if you’re lucky, these spiny-looking green leaves grow right in your backyard, where you can get them without needing to take a trip to the grocery store.

Even if they’re not growing in your yard, the good news is that you can get them online or in many grocery store chains. You can even freeze them to preserve them year-round.