Where to Buy Pickling Cucumbers (And Which Grocery Store Aisle They’re in)

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Where to Buy Pickling Cucumbers

If you’re planning on making homemade pickles, you can’t just grab any cucumber. The wrong kind of cucumber could lead to an unpleasant experience, with skin too thick or flesh too wet to soak up the brine adequately.

What you actually need is a good pickling cucumber. These cucumbers are often smaller in size and have drier interiors that make it easier for them to absorb the brine more effectively. But where can you buy them?

We’ll guide you on where to buy pickling cucumbers. If you’d prefer not to go grocery shopping, we understand. Unfortunately, you may not be able to order pickling cucumbers themselves to be shipped to you, but you can click any of the links below to get seed for growing your own pickling cucumbers.

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Where to Buy Pickling Cucumbers

1. Walmart

Walmart is one of the best starting points when you’re looking for a specific food or kitchen product. They usually have a little bit of everything, and that includes these mini-cucumbers that would be perfect for turning into pickles.

2. Target

If you’re near a Target, they may have mini-cucumbers available, as well. Additionally, they may even have canned cucumber brine for you to use, saving you a little bit of time when it comes to whipping up a pickle recipe.

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3. Albertsons

You may be able to find mini pickling cucumbers like these ones at your local Albertsons. If not, they have a few similar cucumber types to choose from, like this bag of Signature Farms mini cucumbers.

4. Safeway

Safeway has a surprisingly diverse range of cucumbers for you to peruse, so if you have one nearby, we strongly recommend checking there. There’s a good chance they have these mini pickling cucumbers available.

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5. Meijer

The pickling cucumber options at Meijer are interesting. We couldn’t find fully grown pickling cucumbers ripe for the purchasing, but we did find this pickling cucumber gallon. You’ll need to wait for it to finish growing, but the wait will be worth it – you’ll get the freshest possible heirloom cucumbers.

6. Hy-vee

If you live near a Hy-Vee, you can check there, too. We found that they have Sunset mini-cucumbers in stock that could be perfect for making your own homemade pickles.

What Aisle Are Pickling Cucumbers in?

When you make it into a grocery store, the pickled cucumbers are likely to be in one easy location: the produce section. Like other types of fresh produce, they do best when kept in a cooler environment as opposed to shelves more centrally located inside the store.

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Common Questions About Buying Pickling Cucumbers

What cucumbers are best for pickling?

Unfortunately, you can’t grab any cucumber you see and attempt to pickle it. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the standard cucumber that you might add to a salad tends to have skins that are too thick and flesh that that is too moist to truly absorb the brine.

The pickles you need should be shorter with more bumps on the outside. They should also have a drier flesh on the inside that permits them to soak in the brine you make. 

Wrap Up

Sure, you can always buy pickles at the grocery store if you’re craving them, but there’s nothing like making your own at home. You have much more freedom to experiment with flavors by adding different spices to the brine.

Pickling cucumbers probably aren’t the only thing on your shopping list, though! If you’re on the lookout for some roasted red peppers, too, here is where to buy roasted red peppers.