Where Is Worcestershire Sauce in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

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A bowl of Worcestershire sauce with a spoon on a stone table.

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Worcestershire Sauce In?

The condiment aisle is a good place to start your search for Worcestershire sauce. Just make sure to read the labels carefully and check that what you're finding is vegan.

Another place you might find Worcestershire sauce in is the vegan and vegetarian aisle (or even the natural food aisle). 

No luck yet? One of the stores listed below is known to stock Worcestershire sauce...

What Stores Sell Worcestershire Sauce?

  • Amazon - The easiest (and often quickest) way to buy vegan Worcestershire sauce may be through Amazon. You'll see a large selection of vendors and products.
  • Walmart - Walmart carries Annie's Organic Worcestershire Sauce in the aisle with sauces and condiments (near the pastas and grains).
  • Whole Foods - You can buy The Wizard's and Annie's at Whole Foods stores. Check the condiment aisles.
  • Safeway - Near a Safeway? Look in the condiment aisle for vegan Worcestershire.
  • Kroger - Kroger keeps The Wizard's, Annie's and Lord Sandy's Vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce in the condiment aisle.
  • Publix - Pick up Annie's or The Wizard's in the condiment section of Publix.
  • Wegmans - Here's another store that keeps vegan Worcestershire sauce in the condiment aisle.

Stir-frying some noodles? Add a splash of Worcestershire. You'll get a certain savory element in the finished product that will work nicely with salty soy sauce and spicy ginger.

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