Where Is Hummus in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

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Trying to locate the hummus in your grocery store?Here are the aisles you can find it in…

A bowl of hummus topped with olives and parsley.

We’ll also tell you which stores typically carry it…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Hummus In?

More often than not, you’ll find hummus near the produce area.It’ll be in a refrigerator or a cooler somewhere around the fruits and veggies.

Some stores keep their hummus with the specialty cheeses, which may be near the deli.In fact, you may even find store-made hummus in the deli with foods like tabouli and stuffed grape leaves.

Lastly, look in the prepared foods section—the cooler you’d grab a sandwich or a single-serving container of soup from.

Don’t worry if you’ve had trouble finding it.We’ve narrowed down several stores that carry it.

Check them out below…

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What Stores Sell Hummus?

  • Amazon– Hummus is one of the many grocery items offered on Amazon.You can buyboxed hummus mixes,small-batch hummus, hummus dips and more.
  • Walmart – There are plenty of options at Walmart, like various flavors ofSabra hummusandMarketside hummus.
  • Your Local Health Food Store– You’re likely to find interesting flavors and local hummus brands at your independent health food store.
  • Whole Foods – Among the many brands at Whole Foods, you can find the company’s 365 Everyday Value brand of hummus, which is often pretty cost-effective.
  • Target– At Target, you can choose fromSimply Balancedand Sabra hummus.
  • Safeway – Look for Sabra, The Hummus Guy and Haig’s hummus at Safeway.
  • Trader Joe’s– Check the produce area for hummus at Trader Joe’s.It might be in the refrigerated section with the prepared foods.
  • Kroger – Kroger stores carry Sabra and Simple Truth hummus in different flavors.
  • Publix – Live near a Publix supermarket?You can get up the usual suspects for brands as well as fresh-made hummus at the deli.
  • Ethnic Markets– Ethnic markets may also offer hummus (particularly Middle Eastern stores).

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