What is the Juiciest Melon?

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What is the Juiciest Melon?

There’s nothing quite like a juicy watermelon in the middle of the summer. It’s sweet, refreshing, and with a pinch of salt, it’s an immensely satisfying snack. It’s no wonder that it’s such a popular picnic food.

But what would you think if we told you watermelons aren’t the only juicy melons? There are types that most people never even hear about, which is a real shame.

That’s why we’ve done some digging to find the juiciest melon. We’ll discuss a few different types you might not have heard of that are as juicy (if not even more so) than the average watermelon.

Quick Answer: What is the Juiciest Melon?

Obviously, watermelons are juicy, but we’re hoping to go beyond watermelon in this post. Watermelon aside, let’s look at some of the other kinds of melon that will give you a moisture-filled bite.

Honey globe melons are among some of the juiciest you’ll find. Crenshaw and Galia melons are also both sweet and supremely juicy.

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Melon Types

There are so many types of melons to try beyond the common cantaloupe and watermelon. Honey globe, Crenshaw, and Galia are perfect when you’re looking for juice, but they’re far from the only lesser known melons worth trying.

If you love tangy fruits, then you’ll love the beautiful Canary melon, named because of its vivid yellow skin. They’re not too hard to find because of their lengthy growing seasons that allow it to be in stores all year.

Winter melons are another type of melon. They look very similar to watermelons, with dark green skin streaked with lighter green stripes. With a remarkably long shelf life, you can store them for months if you keep them cool.

In terms of flavor, though, winter melons are very mild. Some would even call them bland, which is what makes them excellent for mixing into stir fries and soups.

Santa Claus melon is a type grown around the world. As far as taste goes, it’s very similar to honeydew, because it’s sweet.

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How to Choose the Best Melon in the Store

If you’re strolling through the grocery store, looking for a melon, you need to know what signs indicate a melon is good. You’ve probably heard that you should knock on melons and listen for a hollow sound.

Some say, however, that’s just a myth and not an accurate indicator that the melon is good. Instead, you can typically tell a melon is good with nothing more than a look.

Dull, brown colors and scarring are signs that you shouldn’t pick a melon. If you touch the melon and it feels soft, this also indicates that you shouldn’t bring it home.

If you see a juice dripping out of where the stem was, this is actually a positive sign. That means the melon is sweet and perfect for eating.

The weight is important, too. If a melon feels heavy, that means it’s full of juicy flesh.

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Wrap Up

"There are so many melons to try beyond watermelons."

There are so many melons to try beyond watermelons. We suggest trying all of the melons in this article, and any others you find. By broadening your horizons in this manner, you might discover a new favorite (and juicy!) food.

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