Does Arugula Taste Good in Soup?

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Does Arugula Taste Good in Soup

Arugula is an extremely popular veggie. It goes in a wide range of recipes, including salads, pastas, and even on top of pizza.

But does arugula taste good in soup? In this article, we’ll examine whether or not arugula can be used in soup, as well as share some delectable recipes with you.

Quick Answer: Does Arugula Taste Good in Soup?

In all honesty, this depends on your personal taste preferences. Keep in mind that arugula has a tart, slightly bitter taste, not unlike pepper. If that flavor profile appeals to you, then of course, arugula will taste wonderful in soup.

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The Texture of Arugula in Soup

"It will be quite soft and tender, with little to no resistance when you bite into it."

Because arugula wilts when cooked, you can expect it to have a texture much like steamed spinach in hot soups. It will be quite soft and tender, with little to no resistance when you bite into it.

Some people feel that cooking the arugula can even take some of the bitterness out of it, so if you’re not a fan of bitterness, this could be the way to go for you.

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What Can You Use Instead of Arugula?

Missing arugula in your kitchen? That’s okay – there are other leaves you can substitute in its place.

Watercress has a similar peppery taste. If you love that tart flavor, then we recommend using it as a replacement for arugula.

And if you don’t have arugula or watercress, baby spinach leaves are another fantastic pick. Their flavor isn’t quite as strong as that of arugula, but you’ll get a similar texture and look.

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Vegan Arugula Soup Recipes

We’ve done some digging to find you a couple scrumptious recipes to try. These vegan soup recipes prove that you can use arugula in a soup to great effect.

Looking for something with a creamy, zesty flavor? Then this creamy vegan arugula soup is a great recipe to try.

You can even turn hearty minestrone soup into a vegan recipe with some creativity. In this recipe, this classic Italian staple has been made into a guilt-free version…with arugula, of course.

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Wrap Up

Arugula is one versatile leafy green. It’s been used in countless recipes for literally hundreds of years.

That means you can be sure that it’s been combined with a comforting soup. We hope this brief article showed you that there are plenty of delicious arugula soup recipes out there – we only scratched the surface here.

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