Best Greenhouses for Alabama – Top 5 Options

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Best Greenhouses for Alabama

Are you trying to find the best greenhouses for Alabama?

With all the choices available to you today, it can be a little difficult to narrow them down. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, pulling together this list of five great greenhouses.

For each option, we’ll indicate why we picked it and what you can expect from it. We’ll also tell you what you should be looking for in your own Alabama greenhouse.

Let’s check them out.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
MCombo Wooden Garden Cold Frame Greenhouse A
Mt. Hood Greenhouse A+
Little Cottage Company Greenhouse A+
Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse B+
Riga Greenhouse A+

Best Greenhouses for Alabama

MCombo Wooden Garden Cold Frame Greenhouse

Mcombo Greenhouse Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse, Garden Portable Mini Greenhouse Cabinet, Raised Flower Planter Shelf Protection for Outdoor Indoor Use

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Got a cramped living situation? MCombo’s Wood Garden Cold Frame Greenhouse could be perfect for you. As you can see, it’s smaller than the other greenhouses on our list, and could easily fit on a deck, patio, balcony, or porch.

The swinging double doors are held shut by tough magnets. Its frame and panels are protected from UV rays and completely waterproof, safeguarding your plants from storms.

But one thing that really sets it apart from the others here is that its assembly is simple. In just 20-30 minutes, you can have this mini-greenhouse ready to go.


  • Magnets keep the doors firmly shut.
  • UV-resistant panels help protect your garden from being burnt.
  • Suitable for homes where the space is limited.
  • Can be assembled quickly in comparison to other greenhouses.


  • Despite its small size, it’s not very portable, as it does not have any wheels.

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Mt. Hood Greenhouse

Mt. Hood Greenhouse


It’s no secret that Alabama has a tough environment. With high winds, a lot of rain, and occasional hail, you need an equally tough greenhouse, and this Mt. Hood Greenhouse meets that requirement.

Its durable redwood frame can stand up through winds up to 100 miles per hour. This level of durability allows it to survive even hurricane-level winds, which means you won’t have to worry about every storm damaging it.

The panels on its surface are made from twin-walled polycarbonate. These double walls not only increase the durability of the greenhouse, but insulate it better, as well. During the winter, when there are frequent freezes, this insulation could make or break your garden.


  • The redwood frame is both natural and heat-efficient.
  • Its base is made from organic plastic, resistant to fungus and pests.
  • Twin-walled polycarbonate panels make the greenhouse extra durable and insulate it from temperature changes.
  • Has an automatic vent built into the roof.
  • You only need a power drill, ladder, level, and tape measure to put it together.


  • There are some reports that the assembly instructions aren’t easy to understand.

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Little Cottage Company Greenhouse

8 Ft. W 8 Ft D Greenhouse


This greenhouse would catch anyone’s eye. Its gazebo shape and peaked roof make it an attractive prospect that would grace anyone’s yard.

But one of the main reasons we picked it is its incredible toughness. Capable of withstanding winds up to 90 mph, this is one greenhouse that won’t blow apart no matter how fierce the storm. Pair that with its reliable polycarbonate roofing, and you’ve got a structure you can trust to protect your garden.

It has superb ventilation and airflow, too. You can open the windows to let out some of the heat. And since the windows have screens, they’ll keep out insects while they’re open.


  • Has a high wind resistance.
  • There are integrated shelves and rods inside for storing planters and hanging baskets.
  • The windows can be opened for ventilation.
  • Screens on the windows prevent bugs from getting inside.
  • Dependable polycarbonate roofing will last for a long time.


  • None reported yet.

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Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse

Colonial Gable Greenhouse


This Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse is another gorgeous choice if you want something that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Like its name, it looks like a small Colonial house, with a beautiful roof, windows, and door.

Speaking of windows, those stunning panels are made from safety glass. The roof pointed gracefully above them is made from strong polycarbonate panels, resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Its sides and frame also mark its toughness. This trusty greenhouse can stand up to winds of 95 mph, so you won’t have to worry whenever there’s a severe storm.


  • Can resist winds up to 95 mph, making it strong enough for most storms.
  • Tough polycarbonate panels on its roof are resistant to extreme weather.
  • Cute cottage look.
  • No need to cut the panels, as each piece comes pre-cut for you.
  • The windows can be opened for ventilation, and come with screens.
  • Has a shelf built into the inside.


  • Requires more tools to assemble than some of the other greenhouses on this list.

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Riga Greenhouse

Riga Greenhouse


The Riga Greenhouse is another ultra-tough option. Its bell-shaped frame and sturdy construction allow it to endure winds of up to 80 mph.

One thing we particularly love about it is the vents on top. These vents are automatic, which means they will open by themselves as temperatures increase. You won’t need to run out to your greenhouse and fuss with the windows yourself, freeing you to focus on other important tasks.

The polycarbonate panels are worth mentioning, too. They and the aluminum frame are resistant to UV rays, rotting, and mildew.


  • Rated to endure winds up to 80 mph.
  • The bell-shaped frame gives you plenty of headroom when you’re standing inside.
  • Vents on the roof open on their own.
  • The structure is resistant to UV, rot, and mildew.


  • None reported yet.

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What to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse for Alabama

Wind Resistance

Out of all the states in the US, Alabama is one of the most prone to extreme tornados and hurricanes. Even outside of these extreme seasonal storms, there are thunderstorms year-round there, adding up to an environment with large amounts of precipitation.

Your greenhouse needs to be able to stand up to high winds accompanying those storms. If your greenhouse blows over at the first sign of a severe storm, you’ll have wasted your investment.

That’s why we strongly recommend looking at the wind rating of any prospective greenhouse. Many have wind ratings in their descriptions that tell you what sort of conditions it can withstand.

Otherwise, you can consider greenhouses that can be set up and taken apart quickly. Some smaller greenhouses are even portable, so you can move them if you’re worried about how they’ll endure in one location.

Temperature Stability

On top of extreme weather, Alabama has equally extreme temperatures. In the winter, temperatures can occasionally get freezing. At other times of the year, they can get dangerously high.

These vastly different ends of the spectrum occurring in one place means your greenhouse needs to have qualities that help stabilize its internal environment.

As far as heat goes, you’ll want to look for greenhouses with ventilation. This is critical. Without vents, the heat in your greenhouse has no way to escape, turning your garden into a natural oven.

Blinds can also aid in bringing temperatures down. If your greenhouse doesn’t include blinds, you can install a shade cloth.

In the winter, when there’s a risk of occasional freezes, you’ll want a greenhouse that’s well-insulated. Insulation helps preserve the temperature within, keeping either warm or cold air out. 

Twin-walled polycarbonate is great for insulation. Some greenhouses also have seals built around the windows and doors. If your does not, you can line the walls with bubble wrap or seal cracks using tape.


The durability of a greenhouse is more than just how it holds up under the weather – although that’s certainly a large part of it. Durability is also how long-lasting your greenhouse will be as the years pass.

This longevity comes from a mix of qualities. Arguably the most important one, however, is what it’s made from.

Metal frames tend to be particularly good for holding up under a variety of conditions, rain, shine, or snow. They are also not susceptible to rotting or mildew, like wood can sometimes be.

When it comes to the panels, there are a few materials they are made out of. Typically, you’ll see polycarbonate, though, because this material is tough and won’t shatter like glass usually will.


Living in a drastically varying environment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice pride in appearance. There are so many greenhouses available to you these days, that there are plenty of options to complement your décor, too.

Because of this, you can take time to think about whether or not the aesthetic of a greenhouse matters to you. Some are even made from panels that you can paint whichever color you’d like.

Wrap Up

Alabama is can definitely be a challenging setting for a greenhouse. But because there are so many choices out there for greenhouses today, it’s possible to find one perfect even for the Yellowhammer state.

If we had to recommend one to you, we’d recommend the Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse. We feel that it’s the perfect combination of looks and longevity.

Not only is it stunning, but it can stand strong under high winds of 95 mph, and the panels on its roof are reliable. This is one greenhouse you can put together and trust in year-round.

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