Do Greenhouses Need Fans?

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Do Greenhouses Need Fans?

There’s a lot of equipment out there that people use in their greenhouses these days. From colored lights to occasional CO2 generators, advances in technology have made greenhouse gardening far easier than it was in the past.

But those are far from the only pieces of equipment that could be useful in a greenhouse. Fans are a common tool, as well.

However, do greenhouses need fans? Or could they get by without having fans at all?

Our goal today is to look into that question, and explain the answers to you.

Quick Answer: Do Greenhouses Need Fans?

You might be able to get by without a fan, but we feel they’re extremely beneficial to any greenhouse. The main reason for that is fans promote airflow, which can help keep gardens cool and provide them with fresh air.

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Why Having a Fan in Your Greenhouse Benefits You

The reasons for having a greenhouse fan are plentiful.

To start with, they can moderate the temperature in your greenhouse. On hot summer days, greenhouses can easily get too hot, which runs the risk of burning your garden. You can use exhaust fans to push the stale air out, bringing the temperature down to manageable levels.

Additionally, fans can help combat pests. Imagine a greenhouse without a fan – it would be hot, humid, and still. Those are the perfect conditions for bugs, mold, and mildew.

A fan eliminates those conditions by circulating air. This can lower the humidity levels when necessary, making the environment more hostile to insects or mildew.

Furthermore, your fan can carry in fresh air for your plants. Just like you need fresh air, so, too, do your plants. Without this air, they won’t be able to photosynthesize.

Finally, consider pollination. In the great outdoors, pollen is carried by bees and by natural winds. Without those winds, pollination is hampered, if not outright impossible.

Fans can simulate those pollen-carrying winds. The pressure of the air currents will encourage your plants to pollinate.

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Wrap Up

"A fan can make all the difference in a greenhouse."

A fan can make all the difference in a greenhouse. With the much-needed airflow, rises in temperature and pests can be kept at bay. On top of that, fans can aid in pollination, with the air currents they make simulating the breezes outside that shake plants and carry pollen.

For all those reasons, we think adding a fan to your greenhouse is a wise decision. Regardless of the climate you live in, you stand only to benefit from them.

Temperature control and pest resistance can also come from the design of the greenhouse itself, too. You can see some examples in our list of the best greenhouses for a desert climate.