Best Planters for Dill – Top 6 Options that Simplify Growing Dill

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Best Planters for Dill

Dill is a versatile herb. It’s used to add flavor to so many delicious dishes – salads, pickles, sauces, stews, and dips are just a few things you can make with it.

And rather than running to the store to grab some, you can grow it right at home. That makes it possible for you to have the freshest possible dill, and without an expensive or inconvenient trip to the grocery store.

You can either grow it in the ground in your garden, or you can grow in a container. The latter choice is the way to go if you don’t have much room or you want to grow it indoors.

To get started, you’ll want a good planter. For your convenience, we’ve gathered a few of the best planters for dill right in this guide.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
AeroGarden Black Harvest A+
Bloem Ariana Self-Watering Planter A
Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter A
Estelle Plastic Pot Planter A
Pure Series Plastic Planter Box A+
Classico Self-Watering Planter A+

Best Planters for Dill

AeroGarden Black Harvest

AeroGarden Harvest - Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black

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The AeroGarden Black Harvest gives the concept of gardening a twenty-first century upgrade. No matter where you are or what kind of climate you live in, this little planter makes it easy to have a fresh herb garden.

Arching over the top of the box, there’s a light fixture that shines bright LED lights onto your plants. This gives them the light they need to photosynthesize and grow into tantalizing herbs.

The plants themselves are grown in water rather than soil. You won’t have to sweep and scrub dirty spots from your counter top.

Don’t have much experience growing herbs? The AeroGarden Black Harvest will tell you what you need to do with the light-up panel on the front.

Lights will come on to let you know when you need to add more plant food or water. Even complete novices can grow a thriving herb garden in this planter.


  • Great for beginners, because it will let you know when you need to add things to the planter.
  • Comes in three colors.
  • All-in-one design that incorporates food, water, and light for your herbs.
  • Comes with an herb seed kit that includes dill already.
  • Doesn’t use soil, so there’s no mess in your home.
  • Allows you to grow herbs year-round.


  • Some customers reported that not all of the seed kit sprouted for them, while others did not have the same issue.

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Bloem Ariana Self-Watering Planter

Bloem AP12908 Ariana Self Watering Planter 12", Charcoal Gray

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If you like the thought of a planter that takes care of the watering for you, but want something especially affordable, Bloem’s Ariana Self-Watering Planter would work nicely.

Like the name says, it’s self-watering. The way it works is a water compartment built into the planter below the part that actually houses your plants.

Hollow legs dip down into the pool of water, and your plant’s potting mixture is able to absorb water sufficiently through those legs. The entire time this occurs, your plant is actually held up above the water so it doesn’t become too damp.

All you need to do is occasionally add water to the reservoir and check here and there to ensure your dill isn’t absorbing too much water. That’s it.

If you’re worried about drainage, this planter comes with areas marked to punch out on the bottom of the part that holds your plant and soil.


  • Comes in over ten color options.
  • Ability to water its plants for you.
  • Made from UV-resistant and durable plastic.
  • Has optional drainage holes you can punch out.
  • Sold in several sizes.


  • It doesn’t automatically come with drainage holes – you have to make them with the punch-out holes.

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Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter

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Growing a number of herbs or plants is possible inside the Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter. We think it would work especially well out on a balcony, patio, or deck, although if you have it outside, make sure it’s not in a really windy spot to protect your dill.

One thing we really like about this planter is that it has a shelf on the bottom. You can store some gardening supplies on it, because it can hold up to fifteen pounds.

Or you could even put some small planters with other herbs in them on the bottom. There are tons of options.

To make it even more convenient, you can even remove the legs. Removing the legs condenses the size so you can fit in a closet or transport it whenever you need.


  • Available in several colors.
  • Removable legs for easy transport.
  • Sturdy, weather-resistant material.
  • Stands on legs so you don’t have to stoop to reach plants.
  • Includes a shelf that can hold up to 15 pounds.


  • Some customers said they needed to add more drainage holes to the bottom.
  • Other customers reported it was shallower than they expected.

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Estelle Plastic Pot Planter

Estelle Plastic Pot Planter


Want a planter that looks more traditional? You’ll probably appreciate the Estelle Plastic Pot Planter.

It looks like your classic ceramic planter. There is, however, a slight twist: it’s made out of plastic.

That means you get the pleasant and expensive look of ceramic, but at a lighter weight that makes it easier to move the planter around. Because it’s made from plastic, it also will retain moisture longer, which is ideal for dill.


  • Looks like ceramic while still being lightweight.
  • Has a drainage hole in the bottom.
  • Resistant to fading, rust, and weather.
  • Available in a few sizes.


  • Some customers felt it was necessary to add more drainage holes to the bottom.
  • There’s no tray to put underneath the drainage hole.

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Pure Series Plastic Planter Box

Pure Series Plastic Pot Planter Large


You’ll require even more space if you’re planning on growing a lot of dill or other herbs along with your dill. The Pure Series Plastic Planter Box can give you that space.

It’s wider than your average rounded planter, which translates to more room to plant other herbs alongside your dill. This kind of design is ideal if you’d like to grow a complete garden and have other types of herb available for use.

Depending on what kind of decoration scheme you have going, there are three neutral colors it’s sold in to fit your preferences. These colors include black, brown, and gray, which are easy to fit into just about every kind of color scheme you can think of.


  • Wide design to fit multiple plants.
  • Three different colors and two sizes to choose from.
  • Has drainage holes.
  • It’s light enough to lift comfortably.
  • Rust-, frost-, and weather-resistant.


  • It can be expensive.

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Classico Self-Watering Planter

Classico Self Watering Plastic Planter


Even self-watering planters can be a little complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. One question that might arise is this: how do you know when you need to add more water to your planter?

The Classico Self-Watering Planter eliminates this problem. If you look at the top of the planter, you can see a transparent gauge.

You can use the gauge to tell you, with nothing more than a look, when you need to add more water. If you’re keeping it outdoors and it rains, there are drainage plugs at the bottom that let you quickly empty any extra water.


  • Self-watering system with a water level indicator.
  • Has drainage holes with plugs.
  • Available in a couple sizes and colors.
  • Made from durable and dense plastic.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Some customers felt that it looks a little awkward.

What to Consider when Buying a Planter for Dill


To choose the best planter for your dill (or any plant), you can start by looking at how it grows. Some plants have roots that don’t reach deep, and instead grow out to the sides.

Other plants have roots that go far into the earth, requiring them to have deeper planters.

So which type of plant is dill? That depends on the kind of dill you’re choosing to grow.

Taller varieties of dill need deeper containers and can grow up to three feet or higher. However, there are smaller types that are best for indoor or container planting that only grow to around two feet in height.

For these kinds, your planter is best at around a foot deep. For diameter, look for planters that are anywhere from eight to twelve inches.

If you’re going to be growing more than one dill plant, consider a much wider container.

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You can take material into consideration, in addition to size. The material impacts the absorption rate for the water you put into the soil.

Plastic tends to retain water longer than porous materials like terracotta. Since dill needs soil that’s slightly moist most of the time, this makes plastic planters prime candidates for it.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a ceramic or terracotta planter if one happens to catch your eye. Just be sure to check that your dill isn’t getting too dry in them.

Wrap Up

We think one of the most interesting planters on this list is the AeroGarden Black Harvest. Its design is incredibly easy to use, simplifying the maintenance of an herb garden.

Even if you have little or no experience, the panel on the front goes a long way towards making care easy. Simply add water or plant food when the corresponding notifications light up.

Furthermore, it’s great for gardeners who worry about mess. Because it doesn’t use soil, you won’t find dirt scattered throughout your home.

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