Best Pot for Aloe Vera Plant – Top 7 Options

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Best Pot for Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is a plant that has many benefits, one of the most well-known beings is that it can help ease the pain of a burn. It can also be eaten, and having one of these plants helps improve the quality of the air in your home.

If you’re ready to purchase one, then you’ll need to be prepared by finding out the best pot for your Aloe Vera plant to live in. Then go ahead and transplant it from the store-bought container, and you’ll be ready to go. Keep reading for all the best pots to help you choose the perfect one for your new plant.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Greenaholics Plant Pots A+
Zoutog Succulent Planter with Bamboo Tray A+
White Hexagon Ceramic Pot A
Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer A
Round Planter with Drainage Hole in Glazed Ceramic A+
Dahlia Rustic Drip Glazed Planter A+
Modern Round Pot with 3-Tier Bamboo Stand A+

Best Aloe Vera Plant Pots

Greenaholics Plant Pots

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These beautiful ceramic pots from Greenaholics come in two different sizes, so you can find the one that suits your particular plant best. The minimalist style is perfect for those who want something understated and Aloe Vera to be the focal point.

The pot’s surface will resist scratching because it has been glazed and won’t stain if it gets dirty. Drain holes at the bottom will allow excess water to run off, so you don’t go over water.

Although Aloe Vera usually prefers a broader container, these will work for a small plant and are an excellent starter pot. Perfect for transplanting out of the plastic container you brought your plant home from the store in.


  • Available in white, black, grey, beige, and patterned, you’re sure to find one to suit your style and home decor.
  • It is made from high-quality ceramic, so it won’t break if dropped or tipped over.
  • Beautiful matte finish that is elegant and pops against the green of anything you plant inside. The simple, clean, and modern design leaves your home feeling organized and free of clutter.


  • This pot does not come with a drip tray to catch excess water. You’ll need to purchase a separate one or use a small plate instead.

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Zoutog Succulent Planter with Bamboo Tray

Succulent Planter, ZOUTOG White Mini 3.15 inch Ceramic Flower Planter Pot with Bamboo Tray, Pack of 4 - Plants Not Included

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These simple succulent planters are ideal for an Aloe Vera plant because they are wide and not too deep. This will allow the roots to grow and spread out horizontally for a healthier plant that will live longer.

The drainage hole at the bottom allows the perfect amount of water to escape, so the soil doesn’t get too wet. Both the inside and outside of the pots are glazed, and the ceramic is high-quality, so it won’t chip or break.

The brown bamboo tray contrasts nicely with the bright white ceramic for a neutral and minimal look. These are perfect for any room in the house and make great gifts for friends who love plants as much as you do.


  • These planters come with a complimentary bamboo tray to put underneath the pot. It will easily catch drips and excess water without leaving excess water on your surfaces.
  • The sleek design gives a contemporary look to add a modern air to your home decor. They are perfect as a centerpiece.
  • Small enough to store on the windowsill, so your plants get plenty of natural lighting and grow big and tall.


  • The included bamboo tray is not the highest quality and can warp or mildew if they get too wet.
  • Some people found the drainage hole too small, but this was mainly for succulents that needed drier soil.

White Hexagon Ceramic Pot

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This 2.75-inch ceramic pot comes in a cute hexagon pattern and will be the ideal house for your new plant. It is made from clay that has been glazed for a shiny finish in a neutral color for a modern decor scheme.

Along with the pot, you will receive a bamboo tray from catching the water, and there is a small hole at the bottom for water drainage. Although these pots are small, they work well for Aloe Vera, which doesn’t have a lot of roots and should not be planted in a deep pot.


  • These pots are very well made and durable, so they will last a long time and can be used multiple times.
  • Because the pot is on the smaller side, it can fit anywhere and is ideal for windowsills, countertops, bookcases, or your desk at work to bring a bit of nature indoors.


  • Some people were surprised at how small these were. They are best used for new plants that have not grown to full size yet.

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Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer

Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer- 6-Pack 4'' Clay Ceramic Pottery Planter Cactus Flower Pots Succulent Pot Drainage Hole- Great for Plants,Crafts,Wedding Favor Indoor/Outdoor Plant Crafts (4 inches)

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Classic terra cotta pots may come to mind when you think of pots for plants. These 3-inch ones are the ideal size for planting your Aloe Vera plant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Terra cotta is best for climates that are a bit humid because its excellent drainage properties prevent plants from getting too wet and molding. Drainage holes in the bottom and a small plate are there to catch excess water and keep your plant well ventilated.

They are made from terra cotta that has been fired and smoothed to perfection. The classic burnt orange color is almost neutral and goes well with any decor.


  • Very breathable material which is ideal for Aloe Vera, which should not get too wet
  • Some terra cotta pots are expensive, but they are not as thick, making them more affordable and easier to pick up. Others can be quite heavy and difficult to move around for decorating.
  • The matte finish is not covered in a glaze, and they have a very rustic garden look.


  • The pots will shatter if dropped, especially outside on hard concrete or pavement.

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Round Planter with Drainage Hole in Glazed Ceramic

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This wide, round pot measures 7.3 inches and is large enough to hold a bigger Aloe Vera plant. It’s not too deep either and lets the roots spread out, essential for Aloe Vera because they have shallow roots.

In addition to being functional, this rich glazed ceramic is also beautiful and features a unique pattern and a smooth finish. The drainage hole at the bottom lets your plant breathe easier, so it stays healthy and has the right amount of hydration.

Because the pot is fairly wide, you can add in rocks or other decorative elements on top of the soil for an additional touch. You could also add in a few succulents to keep your Aloe Vera plant company and create a small garden inside the pot.


  • It comes in a variety of beautiful colors that are vibrant and sure to suit anyone’s taste. Find your favorite color or pick one to complement the color scheme of your home.
  • Because this pot is so beautiful and has been handcrafted, it acts as both a flower pot and a work of art. It’s easy to decorate your living space and bring fresh, green plants indoors.
  • A small plug for the drainage hole is included if you find your plant is not getting enough water.


  • Some of the pots do not include a tray, and those that do, cost a little extra. If you don’t want to pay more for a tray, you can use your plate or mix and match from a different pot you already own.

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Dahlia Rustic Drip Glazed Planter

Dahlia 5.5'' Inch Rustic Drip Glazed Ceramic Planter/Succulent Pot/Plant Pot, Brown

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This round planter from Dahlia is deep enough to accommodate the roots of an Aloe Vera plant while being wide enough for them to spread out. It measures 5.5-inches in width, so your plant will have room to grow as the roots expand.

It’s also shallow enough so there won’t be too much dirt in the pot, which leads to overwatering, which can cause the soil to hold onto water and harm the roots.

You can choose from multiple colors, and they will all be finished with a rich glaze to the ceramic, making this a perfect accent item to decorate any room. Extra room around your plant allows it to breathe and be decorated with colored rocks for additional flair.


  • Very sturdy
  • Rustic design that looks great in natural settings
  • Made from durable and high-quality ceramic


  • Not all of the pots include a plate underneath to catch excess drainage

Modern Round Pot with 3-Tier Bamboo Stand

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If you’re looking for something with a little more flair than the traditional white ceramic planters, then this 3-tier bamboo stand with pink pots may be right for you. It is very sleek with a modern style featuring clean lines and contrasting colors.

In addition to acting as a house for your Aloe Vera plant, it’s also a great prop or decor for your home. You can even put it outside in your garden as an accent piece next to flowers or shrubs.

The size of each ceramic pot is ideal for Aloe Vera because these short planters are wider than they are deep. The contrast of vibrant green plants against the neutral bamboo and the dusky baby pink color is a winning combination.


  • It doubles as decor and is very cute and elegant.
  • Small enough to fit on a desk in the home or office
  • The bamboo stand is sturdy and comes already put together, so you don’t have to struggle with assembly


  • Some found it much smaller than expected, so be sure to double-check the measurements before purchasing.
  • Plants should be drained elsewhere to prevent damaging the bamboo stand.

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What to consider when buying a pot for an aloe vera plant


Choosing the best material for your Aloe Vera plant’s pot depends on a few factors. One of the important things to consider is your climate and how humid the weather usually is.

For cooler and humid areas, a terra cotta pot is best because they provide superior drainage. They are cheaper than pots made from ceramic, and it’s possible to see the moisture level of the soil by looking at the color of the pot.

But terra cotta is rather fragile and will shatter if dropped. It is also prone to cracking when the temperatures get cold.

Those who live in places with a hotter summer but lower humidity can get away with plastic pots. Plastic is also the cheapest option, is much lighter than ceramic or terra cotta, and can easily be washed to use multiple times.

Ceramic is also a good option, and most people love the way it looks. It is a sturdy pot and usually heavy enough to prevent top-heavy plants from tipping over.

However, ceramic can be quite heavy if you purchase a large size. This will make it difficult to move the plants around a lot. It’s also one of the more expensive materials for pots.

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For Aloe Vera, opt for a pot or planter that is wider than it is deep. The roots of Aloe Vera like to grow more horizontally and are shallow. Other plants have more profound, vertical roots, which is why many containers are deeper.

It can be challenging to find a wider pot, but as long as it’s not too deep, most pots should be okay, especially for smaller plants. Make sure the roots occupy about two-thirds of the pot, and your plant should stay nice and happy.

Container Weight

Although size does sometimes affect the weight of a container, it is not always an even correlation. Even large plastic pots are usually pretty lightweight.

But, once filled with soil, a pot can become extremely heavy. Adding water to the soil just adds additional weight.

If you plan to move your plants around a lot, then this will greatly affect your enjoyment of gardening. Some plants may need to move from the sun to the shade throughout the day. Or perhaps you like to get creative and rearrange your garden periodically.

If that is the case, definitely think about how heave the container will get once the plant is inside. Make sure the structure of the pot can bear the weight of the plant and that you will be able to pick it up easily.


If you’re a gardener, you know that accidents happen and the weather can also be a problem. Wind and storms can blow over pots if they are left outside on the balcony or deck. And indoors, pets and children might knock a plant over too.

So look for durable and won’t break even if it gets tipped on its side. Hopefully, you’ll have your plant for a long time, so you want something that will last a long time too. This will prevent you from having to transplant it multiple times, which can be messy, time-consuming, and stressful for your plant.


Aloe Vera is a type of plant that shouldn’t be overwatered and does best when it’s a little on the dry side. So look for a pot with adequate drainage holes that won’t let water build up in the soil. This could cause the roots to mildew or even rot, which will spell disaster for your plant.

Instead, get something that allows air to circulate around the roots. Make sure the water that does drain out has a place to go, such as into the ground or a tray underneath. Otherwise, it will get reabsorbed and be too wet.


Everyone wants to have a color scheme in their home that looks good, represents their personality, and is pleasant to spend time in. How you decorate your home can significantly impact your mood and happiness. Bringing plants into the house is one way to add greenery while making each room look beautiful.

So select a pot that is not only functional but makes you happy when you look at it. Try selecting one in your favorite color, or opt for neutral colors that blend seamlessly into the color scheme you already have. Just because you need a pot for your plant doesn’t mean it has to be something boring, so make sure to find a pot you love.

Wrap Up

If you don’t overwater, many different pots will work well for an Aloe Vera plant. But if you’re looking for one that will work in any environment, you can’t go wrong with the Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer to catch excess water.

They are a classic for gardening, look great indoors and outside, and are affordable. If you don’t like this color, opt for a neutral white such as these Zoutog Succulent Planters with Bamboo Tray instead.