Where are Avocados Grown?

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Where are Avocados Grown

For many, avocados are the punchline to a joke. These people look at them as luxurious fruits that are too expensive for others to bring home. Just consider all the jokes about how much money you can save by not having avocado toast.

But the avocado is much more than a punchline. Like many other fruits, it’s a plant with a long history and far-reaching roots. In this post, we’ll be looking at where avocados are grown, as well as their growing conditions.

Where are Avocados Grown?

Recent data shows that the country which produces the most avocados in the world is Mexico. Mexican avocado production accounts for 34% of all avocados grown in the world. That means it produces more than any other country by far.

To get more specific, most of the avocados in the world are grown in the Mexican state of Michoacan. It makes up for 80% of all avocado production in Mexico.

Following Mexico, the next most prolific producers of avocados are the Dominican Republic, Peru, Indonesia, and Colombia.

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Where are Avocados Grown in India?

While most avocados come from tropical countries, there are indeed avocados that are grown in India. It’s important to mention, though, that the avocados in India are not grown commercially.

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They started in Sri Lanka, and eventually spread to southern areas in India. Indian avocados are not grown in any sort of mass organized way, and are instead grown sporadically on a small scale.

Some southern Indian states where avocados grow include Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Avocado growth in India is largely confined to southern states because the North Indian climate is unsuitable.

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Are Avocados Grown in the UK?

"Although the avocado is an immensely popular fruit in the UK, it is not traditionally grown there."

Although the avocado is an immensely popular fruit in the UK, it is not traditionally grown there. By their very nature, avocados are plants that survive much better in tropical climates with a high humidity.

The climate in the UK is not typically suitable for the growth of avocados.

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Where do Most Avocados in the UK Come From?

Like we said earlier, people in the UK generally love avocados. You can find these bumpy green fruits in most markets, so they must be coming from somewhere.

As with many other countries, the bulk of avocados in the UK comes from Mexico. This means most avocados must travel thousands of miles before they end up on a grocery store shelf in the UK!

Wrap Up

Learning where your foods come from is important. You’ll have a better understanding of what you’re eating, and you’ll appreciate all the effort that went into every food you eat.

The food industry is amazing and innovative. We think it’s mind-blowing how far many foods have to travel before we get to eat them.

If you’ve never had an avocado before, be sure to check out our post about what avocados taste like. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and if you should grab a few of your own to try.