What Does Wheatgrass Taste Like?

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Let's learn all about wheatgrass...

What Does Wheatgrass Taste Like?

The first thing that hits you when you drink a shot of wheatgrass juice is, unsurprisingly, the grassiness. Imagine consuming a concentrated mouthful of something like kale or dandelion greens—it's going to be strongly bitter.

Some folks get a sweetness, but others just taste bitterness. Wheatgrass is also earthy, not unlike the quality of beets that reminds you of the soil they grew in, which many people enjoy.

Can You Mix Wheatgrass With Other Juice?

If you aren't a fan of straight wheatgrass juice, there's absolutely no harm in mixing it with other juices, including fruit and vegetable juices. You can also buy powdered wheatgrass online or at your local health food store to stir into your morning smoothie or post-workout shake.

There are some who say that taking wheatgrass alone on an empty stomach is optimal for absorption, though not everyone agrees. We tend side with Mary Poppins: a spoonful of juice helps the medicine go down. That was what she said, wasn't it?

What Does Wheatgrass Do to Your Body?



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