What Does Rooibos Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re discussing rooibos tea.We’ll tell you everything you want to know about how it tastes and how to drink it as well as what you can do to make it even tastier.

rooibos tea in jar with wooden scooper

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The African red bush tea called rooibos is often a welcome change from the caffeine-free tea standards like chamomile and peppermint.Its flavor is rather unique.

Rooibos tea is soft and sweet with a dash of vanilla.Some people get nutty notes, which may be stronger or weaker in different cuts.The natural sweetness is the most amazing thing about this tea.

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What Does Rooibos Smell Like? 

The scent of rooibos is almost identical to the taste, though it’s stronger with robust vanilla and slight chocolate aromas that are released when the tea is steeped in hot water.In dried form, it smells a bit tart, somewhat like a Meyer lemon.

It’s also frequently described as woody, though it’s very fresh and sweet-smelling.The scent is certainly complex, but in a nutshell, it’s potently vanilla-like and herbal.

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